Clowns ‘abducted two teenage girls from baptism party prompting police manhunt’

Two clowns have been arrested by the Mexican police for allegedly abducting two teenage girls from a baptism party where they were working as entertainers.

Olga Naomi, 14, and Kelly Tamara, 16, were reportedly kidnapped from the celebration at a home in the Iztapalapa district of Mexico City last Saturday.

The victims' families suspected the clowns had abducted them when they recognised the girls' voices in the background in a live video one of the clowns reportedly posted on Facebook .

A manhunt was launched and the girls were later found unharmed three days later, allegedly with the two clowns, at a bus stop in the city.

The two men, named in reports as Roberto Carlos Fuentes Hernandez and Juan Hernandez Gonzalez, no ages given, were arrested.

Police suspect they abducted the girls from the party and drove in Fuentes Hernandez's car to the city of Ciudad Serdan in the state of Puebla.

He then allegedly sold his car for cash, before the four travelled to the state of Veracruz by bus where they stayed until Tuesday before returning to Mexico City, according to reports.

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