'Britain’s worst KFC' slammed as a 'disgusting vile dump' by diners with 'dry, tasteless chicken' and 'scruffy' staff

A KFC has been slammed as a "disgusting vile dump" by diners who claim the restaurant serves dry, tasteless chicken by scruffy staff.

The Northwich branch, in Cheshire, has been rated 'terrible' 175 times on TripAdvisor, with just 11 positive reviews.

A range of snarky comments calling out the fried chicken joint take aim at a number of elements, from the shop's food to its employees.

One person wrote: “This KFC is the most revolting KFC ever.

“The staff are always unclean: clumpy gravy… wrong orders. Every time we complained [we were] told by the member of staff that he had just started his shift but had dried gravy all down his shirt, and had really greasy hair which he ran his hands through and grabbed our chicken .

“We ordered 2 gravy boxes that had no gravy in them, just cold greasy chicken – never ever again!”

Other brutal reviews include: "The food is terrible, the staff scruffy, unkempt [with] greasy hair and the dining area is always filthy.

"I would advise anyone to avoid this dump".

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While another reviewer said: “We will have to be starving before we go back there again."

And one more said: “Chips were barely warm, and the chicken was greasy and pink. No better place for it than the bin”.

It comes after a Feltham KFC customer in Twickenham was disgusted to find an entire chicken head in her box of KFC hot wings.

A shocking photo showed the head – complete with eyes and a beak – encrusted in crunchy batter straight out of the frier.

The customer, Gabrielle, left the meal a two-star JustEat review.

It read: "I found a fried chicken head in my hot wings meal. Put me off the rest of my meal, urgh."

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