Boy runs away after his mother dresses up as a giant toy bear

Teddy scare! Little boy runs away in terror after his mother dresses up as a giant toy bear and suddenly starts moving towards him

  • Three-year-old Aaron Dibi was given a fright by the moving bear in his bedroom 
  • Mother Hilda Parrales decided to prank him by dressing up in the bear costume
  • Boy was left in tears after noticing the sudden movements in Little Elm, Texas

A mother’s prank went a little too well when she dressed up as a giant teddy bear to surprise her son – and reduced the three-year-old to tears.   

Mother Hilda Parrales got inside the plush teddy bear costume and perched on a box in her newly-renovated son’s bedroom in Little Elm, Texas. 

As her son Aaron Dibi runs into his superhero-themed room Ms Parrales suddenly jerks the bear’s arms, stopping the shocked boy in his tracks.

Three-year-old Aaron Dibi stares at the bear after noticing it move in his bedroom in Little Elm, Texas 

His mother Hilda Parrales, disguised in the bear costume, gets up off the box in the room – and Aaron turns to flee

Suddenly the bear start to stand up and lumber towards Aaron, stretching out its arms as if to give him a hug. 

But the shocked boy turns on his heel and runs out of the door, wailing loudly.

A woman out of shot can be heard asking: ‘What are you crying for?’

Ms Parrales said Aaron ‘ran out of his room and ran downstairs crying saying his teddy bear moved.’

She said the idea for the prank came to her when she was renovating Aaron’s room – which now boasts a pop art-style picture on one wall and a giant Incredible Hulk cutout on another. She posted the video to Twitter on February 15.  

Ms Parrales walks forward in the bear costume but Aaron has run of his bedroom in tears


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