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A MODEL has captured the heartbreaking moment he saved a charred baby kangaroo from a wildfire in Australia.

Sam McGlone rescued the stricken joey as he battled a bush blaze near Braidwood in New South Wales.

As he fought the encroaching flames the volunteer firefighter spotted the tiny joey hiding under a scorched tree.

He ran towards the raging fire, picking up the stricken animal before rushing it to safety.

Sam captured the heartwarming moment in a video which he shared with his 106,000 followers on Instagram.

In the video he said "I found a baby joey in the fire" before putting him the front seat of his truck.

He then wrapped the little marsupial in a blanket before giving it some much needed water and rushing it to the vet.

He said: "Everyone meet my little baby. I saved him out of the fire today. We got you buddy don't worry."

In a post alongside the video Sam issued a desperate plea for donations.

He said: "Australia is on fire! 500 million animals have been killed. I saved this little baby kangaroo it was left by its self! This is heart breaking. 10 Million acres burned. Please spread. Please donate. We need your help!"

Other heartbreaking images have also emerged of wildlife devastated by the infernos.

A struggling kangaroo was snapped begging for help after emerging from the fire-stricken bush last week.

The animal appeared to be covered in burns and was helped by a teenager who gave it some food before drenching it in water.

Devastating footage was also shared yesterday of charred animals corpses including koalas and kangaroos which perished in fires in Batlow, New South Wales.

It is believed nearly a billion animals may have been killed by the out of control wildfires with several species on the brink of extinction.

At least 24 people are thought to have died and more than 200,000 homes have been destroyed.

New South Wales Transport Minister Andrew Constance compared the bushfires to "an atomic bomb".

But experts warn "the worst may be yet to come" with the country's heatwave and cyclone seasons on the way.

Writing in The Conversation Neville Nicholls, Professor of School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment at Monash University said: "The peak time for heatwaves in southern Australia has not yet arrived.

"Many parts of Australia can expect heavy rains and flooding. And northern Australia’s cyclone season is just gearing up."


The Sydney suburb was declared the hottest place on Earth over the weekend with temperatures soaring to almost 50C.

The premier of New South Wales declared a state of emergency after the devastation caused by more than 200 fires.

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