Abandoned home in Cornish mining town could be yours for just £140,000

Abandoned four-bedroomed bungalow in Cornish mining town could be yours for just £140,000 and even comes with a baby grand piano (but there’s one big problem: it’s got severe subsidence)

  • The sinking bungalow in Redruth, Cornwall, is going up for auction with a guide price of £140,000
  • The abandoned home built on mining works has severe subsidence and will likely be demolished and rebuilt
  • Named after a historic mine, the Pednandrea Bungalow comes with several random contents items including a baby grand piano 

An abandoned home at the heart of a Cornish mining town is going up for auction with a random assortment of possessions left inside, including a baby grand piano in the kitchen.

Named after the historic mine in Redruth, the remains of which provide a backdrop to the property, Pednandrea Bungalow sits on a large plot of land with views stretching across the town.

Thought to have been built in the 60s, the four-bedroomed house is surrounded by various outbuildings, including a large workshop where old fashioned tools have been left exactly as they were on the last day of business, many years ago.

Following the death of the long term owner in August 2019, Pednandrea Bungalow is on the market after the current occupier decided they didn’t have the time to renovate the property

However, house-hunters might get a sinking feeling when viewing the property, because, sadly, the home has fallen victim to subsidence thanks to the mining works it was built upon.

Agents said the house was most likely suited to an investor who can demolish, bolster and rebuild, and this is a house where time really has stood still even though the ground beneath it hasn’t.  

In the 18th century Redruth was one of the largest and richest mining areas in Britain and the town’s population grew markedly.

The area was surrounded by copper ore deposits, which was needed to make brass, an essential metal during the Industrial Revolution. 

However, by the end of the 19th century, the Cornish mining industry was in decline with Britain importing most of its copper ore.

Now, towering behind Pednandrea Bungalow is what remains of the stack from Pednandrea Mine in Redruth. 

The kitchen comes with its very own baby grand piano, between a fridge and a cooker

The home has fallen victim to subsidence thanks to the mining works it was built upon. Even the parrot has resigned itself to its fate

Pednandrea Bungalow in Redruth is up for auction with a guide price of £140,000.

Following the death of the long term owner in August 2019, the property has come to market as the current occupant doesn’t have the time to renovate the home.

Listed with EweMove, the description reads: ‘This plot offers a lot of scope for development due to the size and location, subject to the necessary permission being obtained.

‘There are many outbuildings on the site as well offering a lot of storage space and a garage with an inspection pit.’

The the dusty workshop, untouched since its last day of business, is full of discarded tools that are destined for the skip

A keyring found in the workshop is one of many unwanted items in the bungalow which is going up for auction

The attic, where time has stood still, unlike the slowly sinking ground way beneath it

Rebecca Stoneman, Local Property Expert for EweMove in Redruth, said: ‘The property has come to market from a vendor who isn’t here enough to deal with it – to deal with the problems.

‘There are historic mining works underneath the property that need to be rectified, which sadly means the bungalow will probably have to go.’

Seeing the home that it once was, Rebecca continues: ‘It’s just such a lovely big plot. It’s right in the centre of Redruth, the views are lovely, and it would be wonderful if it could just stay as a home.

‘The whole stamp of the place is big for Redruth, and so it would be lovely if it could stay this way, but obviously I don’t think it can, which is really sad.’ 

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