2-week-old baby fatally struck by car on his first outing

A young UK couple were left devastated when their 2-week-old son was reportedly struck and killed by a BMW on Easter Sunday as he lay in a carriage during his first outing.

“Mommy’s and daddy’s hearts will always ache, we love you more than anything,” grief-stricken parents Camaron Morris, 18, and Codie Holyman, 18, said as they visited the tragic site in Brownhills, West Midlands, on Monday, The US Sun reported.

The car reportedly slammed into the carriage, which became pinned against a wall, though details of Sunday’s accident were unavailable.

A heroic bystander tried to save Ciaran Leigh Morris by performing CPR until paramedics arrived, The Sun reported.

One person told the paper that the parents were “hysterical” as bystanders tried to calm them down moments after the tragedy.

Ciaran was flown by chopper to a hospital but died a short time later, according to the outlet.

The driver, James Paul Davis, 34, has been charged with causing a death by dangerous driving, police said.

“We didn’t get to keep you for long but we are happy we had the chance to meet you, look after you and call you our son,” Camaron and Codie said in a statement about the baby, who was born about a month early.

The proud parents recently posted photos of their smiling infant on Facebook, including one of Ciaran wearing an outfit adorned with images of bears and one in which he is wearing a onesie with the face of a puppy.

The teen dad, who said he works at McDonald’s, also posted an image of him holding his newborn.

At the site of the accident, where people placed dozens of bouquets and stuffed animals, a tearful family friend told The Sun: “I know the family and all I can say is they are numb with grief.

“It was maybe the first time they had taken the baby out together and this happens,” the friend told the outlet. “It’s an unimaginable horror they are going through. One second and the most precious thing in their lives is gone.”

Another person, whose best friend is part of the family, added: “It’s just awful, no one deserves this.

“I know the family very well and they are a really, really nice family. I’m still shocked to hear what’s happened,” the man said. “My best mate is part of the family and I know the baby’s mum and uncle.”

Police Sgt. Mark Crozier said: “We’ve all been left numb by the sad death of Ciaran. He was just two weeks old and his life has been tragically taken away.

“To see the loss of someone so young is difficult for us as officers, but we know the pain is even greater for Ciaran’s family,” Crozier said.

“We’ll be doing all we can to support them while also trying to establish what happened leading to the collision,” he added. “I would ask people to please respect the family at this sad time and allow them the privacy to grieve.”

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