Trump Supporters Turn On Him Over COVID-19 Vaccine In Uncomfortable CNN Segment

The coronavirus vaccine may be in short supply in much of the nation, but there are some communities where it’s a much harder sell, as CNN’s Gary Tuchman learned during a trip to Oklahoma. 

In Boise City, Tuchman entered a diner and asked if anyone in the room was ready for the shot. In a county where 92 percent voted for former President Donald Trump in November, Tuchman’s query was met with silence. Not even Trump’s endorsement of the vaccine made a difference. 

“Trump is a liberal New Yorker,” one Trump voter declared. “Why would we listen to him either?”

Another diner flat-out said “no” when asked if Trump’s endorsement would get him to take the vaccine. 

Other diners rejected both science and government. Tuchman found much the same attitude elsewhere in the community. 

See his full report above. 

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