Trump on SCOTUS nominee: 'Watch the abuse she will take'

Trump reacts as US passes 200,000 coronavirus deaths: ‘It’s a horrible thing’

President speaks with reporters about pandemic and his pending Supreme Court decision.

President Trump told supporters in Pennsylvania to “watch the abuse” his nominee for the Supreme Court would take after he released her name on Saturday.

Speaking at the Pittsburgh Airport in Moon Township, Pa., Trump confirmed he would release the name of his pick to fill the seat vacated following the death of late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Saturday at 5 p.m.

“Watch the abuse she will take, whoever it’s going to be," he said.

Trump added that he’d had “tremendous Republican support" for his potential nominee despite Democratic cries to leave the seat open until after the election. He thanked Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, for expressing support in moving forward with a Trump nominee to the court, noting that Romney had voted to impeach the president on one of two counts.

“Thank you Mitt, he was good today," Trump said. "Now I’m happy."

Trump, however, called out the two Republicans in the Senate who have said they wouldn’t vote to confirm a nominee before the election: Sens. Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska, and Susan Collins, of Maine.

“It’s always got to be the two, those two,” Trump said.

Trump also went after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, calling on him to release his list of potential nominees. He said Biden couldn’t release his list because “he can only put super radical left judges on. He knows he's not electable.”

“You know where he is today? They have a thing called a lid. I don’t know what it stands for," Trump said. "I guess lid means he’s not going to be anywhere today.”

Trump turned to the Mueller investigation, questioning how dozens of members of Mueller’s team accidentally wiped their phones. A chant of “lock them up” broke out among the crowd.

“Treasonous crooks, they put our nation through a lot of turmoil,” the president said. “They used the intelligence agency to try and do a coup.”

Appealing to coal country, Trump said that his opponent had “re-iterated his pledge to require net-zero carbon emissions — instantly shutting down all fracking and mining in Pennsylvania, and sending your jobs overseas.”


“Your security and your jobs are now in grave peril," Trump told the crowd. "Joe Biden has vowed to ban fracking and eradicate Pennsylvania energy. I will keep your jobs in Pennsylvania where they belong!”

Trump told supporters in the Rust Belt city that Biden would “kill the recovery, delay the vaccine, impose a $4 trillion dollar tax hike, ban American Energy, destroy the suburbs, give free healthcare to illegal aliens, and indoctrinate your children with poisonous anti-American lies.”


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