OnPolitics: UFOs are no laughing matter 🛸

Congress-sanctioned UFO report to detail unexplainable 'sightings all over the world' (Photo: U.S. NAVY)

We’re still a while out from the 2022 midterm elections but Democrats have some good news to celebrate. 

Democrat Melanie Stansbury won election to Congress for New Mexico with a campaign closely tied to initiatives of the Biden administration. Stanbury prevailed in an open, four-way race to fill a vacant seat previously held by Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. Her victory shores up the Democratic majority in Congress ahead of the midterm elections.

It’s Mabinty, with the day’s top news. Let’s get weird.

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Why you shouldn’t brush off the UFOs 

🛸 Top intelligence and military officials are scheduled to release a report this month addressing unidentified objects in American airspace. The report, commissioned by Congress, has garnered considerable attention as lawmakers and the public speculate on what the report may reveal about unidentified flying objects.

While the release of the report reflects a growing consensus within government agencies, Capitol Hill and the public that UFOs are an area of serious public concern, it is unclear how much of the report will be made available due to national security concerns. 

The report is likely to add further details to the findings of a 2017 New York Times report that revealed multiple Navy pilots had seen UFOs while in flight. The Pentagon later declassified video of the incidents, which showed high-speed objects with no clear propulsion outpacing the officers’ jets.

Ahead of the report’s release, lawmakers have increasingly urged the public, as well as their colleagues, to take the issue more seriously going forward. “I want us to take it seriously and have a process to take it seriously,” Sen. Marco Rubio. R-Fla., told 60 Minutes. “Maybe it has a very simple answer … Maybe it doesn’t.”

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No more ‘From The Desk of Donald J. Trump’

Former President Donald Trump has shut down a blog he created just a month ago, though many of his written statements that appeared on it remain on his traditional website, a spokesman said Wednesday.

Trump had used the short-lived blog as an alternative to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites that banned him because of his constant false statements about last year’s election loss to President Joe Biden.

Trump had previously pledged to create a social media platform but Trump spokesman Jason Miller said he did not know when the new Trump social media platform might launch.

Hope the cicadas stay far, far away from you! — Mabinty

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