Dan Gainor: Media covers for Lincoln Project, faux Republicans who can be counted on to bash GOP

Lincoln Project admits orchestrating racist campaign stunt

Panel weighs in on Virginia governor race ahead of Tuesday’s election on ‘The Big Saturday Show’

A phony White supremacist protest means it’s election time. An anti-Republican group beloved by the media tried to fix the Virginia governor’s race. It dressed people up as neo-Nazis to harass the GOP candidate. 

The Lincoln Project claimed it was behind it all. Unlike its namesake, the group is made up of bitter, angry anti-Republican former Republicans who are media regulars. Their goal was to hurt candidate Glenn Youngkin. 

Here’s the paper’s description of that horrific scandal: “John Weaver, a longtime Republican strategist and co-founder of the prominent anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project, has for years sent unsolicited and sexually provocative messages online to young men.”  

Then came the awful detail: “Mr. Weaver sent overt sexual solicitations to at least 10 of the men and, in the most explicit messages, offered professional and personal assistance in exchange for sex.” 

Those revelations haven’t stopped the press from promoting the group because they see Never Trumpers as a way of perpetually attacking the right. That’s why they put this group on television almost as much as they promoted the now-jailed Michael Avenatti – simply to attack Trump and any successful Republican.  

With all this talk about White supremacists, look no further than the Lincoln Project itself. National Review reported that the group created an ad “tying Trump to the Confederate ‘Flag of Treason’” during the 2020 election. Co-founder Rick Wilson “posted pictures to Instagram featuring a cooler with the Confederate Flag and the words ‘The South Will Rise Again’ on the top.” 

Just don’t expect the legacy media to rise to the occasion and remind you who or what the Lincoln Project really is. 

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