CNN Hosts Rip ‘Biggest Snowflake’ Trump: ‘One Of The Founders Of Cancel Culture’

CNN hosts Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon accused President Donald Trump of hypocrisy after he called for a boycott against tire company Goodyear over a perceived personal slight. 

“He’s the biggest snowflake of them all,” Lemon said. 

Trump was reacting to reports that Goodyear had banned his signature “MAGA” hats in its workplace. In reality, the company said it does not allow campaigning of any kind, for any candidate, in the workplace. But the news triggered Trump, who threatened to replace the Goodyear tires on the presidential limo and tweeted:

Shares in Goodyear, an American company with more than 60,000 employees ― many in Ohio ― fell after Trump’s attack.  

As the CNN hosts pointed out, Trump has a long history of calling for boycotts of companies over perceived slights.  

“He’s one of the founders of cancel culture,” Cooper said. “Look at some of the companies he’s called to boycott over the years.” 

Cooper then went through a long list of the companies and people Trump has tried to boycott or cancel. 

“He’s called to fire everyone from the NFL players to Debra Messing,” Cooper said. “He’s also threatened big brands Macy’s, Apple, Harley-Davidson, even called on Scots to boycott a whiskey brand because he wasn’t chosen as the ‘Top Scot of the Year.’” 

Lemon suggested there might be a reason Trump was obsessed with cancel culture.

“He’s afraid, Anderson, that he’s about to be canceled, and canceled by the voting public, the American people,” Lemon said. 

See their full conversation below: 

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