Paymium Launches European Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Paymium has announced that it is preparing to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. The company that was founded in 2011 by Pierre Noizat and Gonzaque Grandval was one of the first companies that were adhering to the EU’s regulatory framework when it deployed a platform for exchanging bitcoins for euros.

Since the company was founded it has raised over €2 million from Xavier Niel’s investment fund KIMA Ventures, Newfund, Galitt, BPI France and from angel investors. The firm has been investing in R&D and it is today announcing the next phase of the company’s development.

Paymium’s Project

Paymium is aiming to leverage its user base of 170,000 people and launch an exchange that offers an advanced trading interface. The company is elaborating in an initial communique that it will focus on security, reliability and transparency.

The CEO of Paymium, Pierre Nouzat elaborates: Communities around the world are creating their own currencies, expressing a new form of sovereignty and contributing to the construction of the Internet of Value. A cryptocurrency exchange like allows people to trade seamlessly between multiple digital currencies thereby offering the simplest access to the internet of value.”

The firm has not published details about when is it expecting to start on-boarding traders and officially launch the product.

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