ACY Capital Integrates Trading Infrastructure with Alibaba’s Indonesia Data ‎Centre

ACY Capital (ACY), an Australian FX broker and education provider, has integrated its service ‎suite with Alibaba’s newly launched data centre in Indonesia. The move intends to enhance ‎the ASIC-regulated firm’s ‎cloud-based trading engine, as well helping extend its retail client ‎and institutional clients within Indonesia.‎

Alibaba has recently revealed that its cloud computing arm, Alibaba Cloud, has begun ‎operations in its first Indonesia-based data center.‎

The new Asian data center offers ACY Capital a full suite of services, providing the ‎flexibility to build their entire IT infrastructure for business on Alibaba Cloud or run ‎mission-critical and core applications on it. ‎

In addition, the center will provide a local choice for Indonesian traders by offering a reliable ‎and cost-effective cloud product and services, allowing ACY Capital’s clients to develop better ‎cloud-based algorithmic trading ‎within local data server. ‎

Commenting on this, ‎ ACY Capital’s Director Jimmy ‎Ye said: “The increase number of ‎Indonesia traders has been in ACY’s focus for the last 12 months, and we are ‎pleased to ‎announce the new development of trading infrastructure within Indonesia, the additional ‎‎service and technology ACY provide will remain free of charge, that also by saying all our ‎spreads will ‎be remain as low as 0.8pip for EUR and commission free.” ‎

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