ySign Messenger Built on Blockchain Set to Revolutionize the Social Media World

YSign has announced the launch of its token generation event which will help the blockchain startup raise funds for the development of the innovative ySign messenger platform.

ySign will undoubtedly disrupt the social media industry, with its fast, reliable and straightforward messenger app. The team has carefully studied the industry and has found out huge loopholes that need to be taken care of.

ySign will create a messaging ecosystem that is entirely decentralized and reliable which is a paradigm shift from what is obtainable now. For instance, the heavyweight social media giant, Facebook has failed in this regard as user data is not handled securely on the platform.

On the ySign platform, user data and communication history cannot be accessed or controlled by third parties.

The CEO of ySign, Ivan Vujic has said that:

“During the past several years, there has been increased concern about online communication privacy. The market is saturated with centralized apps and communications platforms, which are vulnerable to third-party intrusion and data theft.


ySign is introducing a new era to the way people connect with one another, on a global basis. Using blockchain technology, we ensure that ySign users enjoy the highest level of security and privacy during their communications, allowing them to connect with each other and share information freely, and above all, safely.”

The ySign platform consists of experts from various fields such as IT, marketing and more. Vujic also stated that:

“Our staff has extensive experience in business, marketing, IT and app development, while we are actively expanding our knowledge in finance and exchange platforms. We are fueled by passion and creativity; we are fast to adapt to change, and we believe it is our duty to keep abreast with the latest developments made in the ever-evolving technological field, so as to develop innovative IT ideas that would ultimately serve as everyday problem solutions for people from all around the world.”

The ySign platform gives users maximum level of privacy while sending messages or making calls.

To ensure the highest level of privacy and security, ySign uses NEM blockchain in its operations.

ySign ecosystem users total privacy, as data is encrypted and almost impossible to access by hackers and unauthorized persons.

Also, the team has hinted that users will have unique ID address and it’s only the last six digits of the IDs that are displayed. Users will have an option of whether to have their usernames or user IDs displayed in their in-app communications. All conversations are stored on their personal IDs and users also have the options of getting their conversations stored on their devices an can delete them at will.

Token Sale Information

The token generation event has been live since March 21, 2018, and runs until April 18, 2018.


Week 1 – 10 million tokens Sold for 0.00018 ETH or 0.43 XEM

Week 2 – ………………………………………………………………..0.00036 ETH or 0.85 XEM

Week 3 ………………………….0.00054 ETH or 1.28 XEM

Week 4 ……………………………0.00072 ETH or 1.71 XEM

The Crowdsale begins on April 19 and ends on May 4, 2018.

For more information visit www.ysign.io
Whitepaper: www.ysign.io/pdf/whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ySignAPP
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/ySign
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ysign2018?lang=en

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