Smart Startup Blockchain World Making Distributed Ledger Technology Accessible to All

Smart Startup, a United Kingdom-based blockchain firm is poised to make startups and established businesses benefit from the excellent capabilities of blockchain technology.

The CEO of Smart, Simon Krystman, a serial entrepreneur and tech expert has stated that SMRT token which is the native crypto of the Smart ecosystem will help startups and SMEs trade seamlessly.

SMRT is a “vending machine for legal documents” stored on the blockchain.

Smart eliminates all the hassles startups face in trying to create contracts, with the power of blockchain. Smart makes the process of setting up smart agreements faster and cheaper for firms. The SMRT templates will take care of contractual arrangements, shareholder and intellectual property contracts and more.

SMRT will also use the Ethereum smart contracts to handle financial and trading agreements.

The CEO of Smart reiterated that:

“Established trading marketplaces could benefit enormously from our smart contracts, as buyers and sellers will have automatically enforced agreements to transfer money for goods and services. They also open the way for many new decentralised marketplaces, where the smart contracts are the enforcement of trade. Small businesses would be able to buy bundles of our smart contract templates to facilitate their sell/buy trades.”

The SMRT token presale is live now and runs until April 21, 2018. Contributors are entitled to a 50 percent bonus during the presale.

The Smart Team

Smart consists of experts from different fields of endeavours including artificial intelligence, blockchain development and many others.

The Smart advisory board comprises of highly reputable professionals in the political, academic and business sectors. Also, once the token generation event comes to a successful end, Smart will add more software developers, lawyers and experts in finance to its team.

A Member of the European Parliament, Syed Kamall, who is also the Smart Regulatory Advisor has said that:

“The technology offers some very exciting opportunities but as legislators internationally, we must also make sure that consumers have trust in it. Blockchain and smart contracts will be a game changer for startups.”

The CEO of Smart, Simon Krystman also said that:

“The core of our company is the marriage of legal agreements with blockchain software code, supported by data science and AI. Our key partners represent this core and employ leading practitioners in their respective domains.”

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