RepuX Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Startup Begins Token Generation Event

RepuX started its Crowdsale on March 6, 2018, and the fundraiser is going on smoothly so far. RepuX is a start-up focused on creating blockchain and artificial intelligence based solutions.

The firm offers users a live business marketplace that’s trustworthy and transparent.

The token generation event which has been live since March 6, is in compliance with all rules and regulations governing the world of crypto-based fundraising events, such as KYC and AML.

RepuX uses a multi-signature cold storage wallet, which ensures the funds are highly secure.

The COO of RepuX, Marcin Welner said that:

“Our aim in launching the RepuX TGE is to connect with businesses and gain global distribution for our utility token. With more than 70 years of combined professional experience in business, software development, and marketing, our core executive team is excited to see the innovation and unique business propositions developers create based on business data.”

The RepuX platform helps startups with business solutions that are essential to the growth of their businesses, via the data sharing network.

SMEs often find it a herculean task utilizing their data optimally and also fall short of the required resources to implement them.

However, developers need this data to create AI-based applications. The data is also needed for the developers to be able to sell information to their enterprise clients.

RePuX bridges the gap by letting startups upload data and state their peculiar use cases.

In a bid to show how prepared the firm is in satisfying its users, it recently inked a deal with Bancor. The partnership helps provide unlimited liquidity to token holders.

Token Information

The RepuX ERC20 token is built on the Ethereum smart contracts blockchain. It is the medium of exchange on the platform.  The token will facilitate transactions on the platform such as the purchase of business data, AI-based business algorithms and more.

The token generation event is live now. To participate visit

More About RepuX

RepuX leverages the excellent capabilities of blockchain technology to create products that enable SMEs to earn rewards for sharing data. The data sharing process is carried out via a secure and decentralized network.

All information on the platform is encrypted and it maintains reputation scores solely determined by buyers.

RepuX’s solution is beneficial to firms across various sectors such as healthcare, accounting, and many others.

With RepuX, data sharing will be done in a seamless, transparent and secure manner, like never before.

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