Presale Ventures Launches its Revolutionary and Innovative Decentralized Venture Fund Platform

Presale Ventures has announced the creation of its innovative blockchain-powered decentralize Venture fund and seed Accelerator platform. With this superb development, Presale ventures will now be the world’s number one platform for the provision of funds for blockchain startups. The Presale Ventures token sale begins in quarter 2 of 2018.

With the pent-up demand for blockchain technology and the exponential rise in the price of cryptocurrencies, people all over the globe are scampering to get onto the crypto bandwagon, while startups are organizing their token generation events to get people invested in them.

Presale Ventures has carefully scanned the entire crypto ecosystem and is poised to be a facilitator of the funding process for startups. All pre-screened startups must undergo a process it calls “Know Your Startup,” and other procedures that will ensure investors and startups get the best from their efforts.

Presale Ventures is the connecting force between startups and investors.

The platform combines the experience of over 50 worldwide seed capital fundraisers for more than 1500 firms. The funding events were all organized in strict compliance with both legal and business guidelines.

The Presale ventures platform merges a unique business model with a “member only” single one-of-a-kind online site.

Presale Ventures stands out from the rest by harnessing purchase group buying power, otherwise known as ‘Wisdom of the Crowd.’ It also provides a safe, fast and reliable platform for crypto investments.

The Presale Ventures team has said that:

“The digital investment market – a sector that has until now been a closed shop of venture capital firms, large conglomerates, and high-net-worth players- is about to be opened up to the everyday individual investor.

Built on the blockchain, Presale Ventures is a cryptocurrency investors club that connects everyday investors across the globe into a powerful community of significant financial clout and networking capability. A fund for investors, by investors.”

The primary objective of the firm is to create an investment ecosystem that is sustainable and make it easier for startups to get the necessary funding needed for the actualization of their projects.

The Presale Ventures team also said that:

“Our model revolves around the ‘pre-sale’, also known as “seed” investment. Traditionally, venture capitalists and private equity funds that have had their try at blockchain investment obtain lucrative pre-sale agreements.

But presale Ventures unique platform allows anyone to access this early bird investment into the hottest blockchain startups, affording predetermined discount rates relative to the future public investment phase.”  

Investors who participate in the pre-sale will receive 60% early bird bonus.

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