New ICO: VLB Token, YourBlock ICO, Shopin ICO, Taskfair ICO, Vanywhere ICO

The VLB Token team is launching an ICO in order to build a blockchain for the Vehicle Lifecycle Industry, influence VLB participants’ existing business models to achieve critical adoption rate among Industry Participants, and ultimately make the Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain open, independent of Initial VLB participants, and propagated globally.

A Blockchain based Digital Filing Cabinet, which enables the consumer to securely store, control and manage their data.

YourBlock combines the security, privacy and scalability of private storage with the data integrity, immutability, and accountability of the public Ethereum Blockchain.

YourBlock will hold provider’s pricings for their products and services. Consumers can request quotes without their data leaving the platform. Consumers will be rewarded with discounted products and services, and then be rewarded with YBK Tokens for using the platform.

Shopin ICO will put the user in control of their historical purchase data from multiple retailers, and reward the user when retailers use it to enhance the shopping experience online.

We believe that there is no better single source for a shopper’s purchase history than themselves, for them to control and share to shape how they experience the open retail web.

Taskfair’s mission is to change the way the Gig Economy marketplaces work and value ideas. The home services industry will be the first step of Taskfair’s mission to transform the Gig Economy. Taskfair goal is to become the top solution that empowers users and service providers and promotes the effective matchmaking of transparency, efficiency, contracts security and high quality standards.

Vanywhere believes in the power of human interactions, of talking face to face, of listening and responding in real time. First and foremost, Vanywhere ICO is a platform that is based on – and powered by – individuals. From the people searching for personalized services, to the people providing them, Vanywhere is changing the way they interact with one another and their skills. Vanywhere empowers people around the world to turn their passions into profits. And it creates a pathway to those skills for those who need them. Vanywhere is committed to building a strong brand based on a real utility with a practical function for mainstream audiences, thereby creating true value in the world.

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