Get BNB For Translations Of Media And Content from Binance Academy

Binance Academy wants to be an open-access platform for education that is driven by a global community. To accomplish this goal of educating the world, the Binance Academy has to be offered in multiple languages. The Academy will offer up to fifty dollars in BNB to have 1000 words translated.

Right now, the Binance Academy needs translations in Arabic, traditional and simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. The exchange will consider other languages as the need arises. The Academy has already started the application process. Those who succeed will receive an email informing them on how they can proceed.

Terms For Being Considered

Translations have to be unique; those who use tools such as Google translate will be disqualified from the program immediately. The Academy has tools to detect which translations were simply copied online.

It is important that each translation remain true to the content being translated. Thus, the meaning should not cause any confusion to leaders or lead to some ambiguity on what was meant.

Every translator will be approved before they are allowed to work on any job.

Those who give low-quality translations will not be paid. The translators will also not be allowed to continue being part of the program.

Once approved, a translator will be given an article to translate. They have to do it within 72 hours or the article goes back to the queue. Other translators can then bid to take the article and be paid for it. The translator will be noted as having failed to translate their article. This might have consequences for whether they receive future jobs.

If a translator is noted as having failed to translate articles twice, they will be removed from the bounty program. That means they can never receive BNB for this program.

Once a translation is completed, it has to be submitted in the Google Doc format. The translator then gives a link to a Read-only copy of the document in the Telegram group. The administration team will them acknowledge they have received the work.

Work done will be paid according to a monthly payment schedule. The payments will be in BNB to an account on Binance. Thus, all qualified translators must open a Binance account. Payments will be paid for all jobs completed since the previous billing cycle.

Occasionally, the management might decide to offer bonuses as additional incentives. These extra bonuses will only go to those who did outstanding work with speed and delivered quality. In short, those who work harder will have a chance to make even more. This will encourage the program to translate as many documents as possible.

There is no time limit as to when this project will end. For one, education materials need to be updated often; this is because of the evolving nature of crypto. It might be a nice opportunity for those with some free time to earn some cash. The Academy has not limited this work to any particular region.

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