DATx Blockchain-based Advertising Solution will Revolutionize the Ads Ecosystem

Datx, the innovative blockchain-based advertisement platform built by Cosima in collaboration with Avazu, an advertising heavyweight, is aimed at removing all bottlenecks users face in the ads industry.

The new solution is specifically built to collate user behavioral data and present it to advertisers, thereby helping advertisers to help formulate ads messages that are meaningful to their audience.

Unlike the current system of advertising where advertisers send random ads to everybody, DATx is built in a smart way, with the help of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

DATx stores user behavior data remotely and securely in a decentralized manner. This makes it possible for the owners of these behavior data to be able to retrieve their data anywhere they may be in the world.

The user behavior database only stores users behavior data. The Datx system is built in a way that ensures fast transaction processing, without any delays.  The team is looking to adopt a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, to further enhance the processes.

With this mechanism, one part of the DPOS elects block producers while the other part schedules the production process.

This way, investors are not affected when there is a system failure.

As said earlier, DATx is built for fast transactions. The DPOS is very robust and secure, making it almost impossible for block producers to commit fraud.

There’s a special algorithm that chooses block producer and this guarantees the security of DPOS.

DPOS reduces the number of participating verification nodes, enabling second tier consensus verification.

For ads that require programming, more important issues include real-time decision making, custom delivery requirements as well as large transactions.

The DPOS mechanism enables DATx to process much more transactions than its competitors, making the system the best.

That’s not all, the DATx technology enables the platform to service a vast array of users in real-time, taking into consideration their behavioral patterns, and other preferences.

Since there are thousands of users assessing the platforms all the time, it is very important to have an algorithm that can enable the platform service its clients according to their unique needs. It also makes it easy for an order-led transaction to be promoted.

In addition, DATx also uses Deep Neural Network (DNN) and Logic Repression (LR) to make offline sorting models. Reinforcement Learning is used in taking care of online operations.

The DATx team is made up of 80 engineers, product managers, architects and UEX professionals.  Senior members at Avazu are also present in the DATx team.

The DATx token sale is currently open to only institutional investors. There is a total of 10 billion DATx tokens issued.

For more information visit www.datx.co

Telegram: www.t.me/datxofficial01

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DATxOfficial

Whitepaper: www.datx.co/pdf/DATX+WHITEPAPER+(EN)%20V1.0.pdf

The Team: www.datx.co/#team

Email: datxoffi[email protected]

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