ConnectJob is Poised to Disrupt the $900 billion Gig Industry with Groundbreaking blockchain Platform

The ConnectJob initiative is looking to eliminate intermediaries in the gig ecosystem by using its blockchain solution to connect jobbers directly to service seekers.

The ConnectJob presale was a highly successful event which helped the firm surpass its soft cap of $7 million.

The Crowdsale started on February 12 and the interest from investors has been overwhelming so far.

The advancement in technology is fast changing the way we live life. Jobs are now “on-the-go” provided job seekers have an internet connection and the necessary skills that service seekers need.

The gig economy has no doubt created a solid, efficient and cheaper service delivery system, making workers to render services to clients from different parts of the globe, in real time.

ConnectJob has used the power of blockchain technology to create a transparent and decentralized platform that eliminates all issues that job seekers and service seekers encounter.

With this platform, all problems of Identity theft, forged reviews, colossal commission fees and much more, will be solved.

The ConnectJob Advantage

The platform uses the Ethereum smart contracts to create an ecosystem of transparency.  Users can get a vast array of services on the platform. Jobbers have no fear of not getting paid for rendering services to service seekers as everything is handled by smart contracts on the ethereum Blockchain.

In addition to the smart contract system, there is also a decentralized and tamper-proof escrow system that eliminates the need for third-parties.

This arrangement transforms the gig economy into an automated decentralized economy, totally killing all elements of stagnation and centralization.

The ConnectJob platform works with only reputable and trusted professional jobbers. This is made possible by the blockchain-based reputation and identity management system.

It seamlessly links all parties along with their credibility and reputation on the blockchain.

The ConnectJob platform offers job insurance for jobbers while also protecting the interest of service seekers. In essence, it’s a win-win scenario for all parties at all times. The platform is built on the principle of democracy. As the Latin saying goes – Vox Populi, Vox Dei; which means, “the voice of the people is the voice of God.”

The ConnectJob system puts geolocation technology and the blockchain smart contracts technology to great use, ensuring that professionals from all around the globe can render their services to employers remotely. The system is in compliance with the local work insurance laws.

The CMO of ConnectJob said that:

“The insurance model will work according to local work insurance laws. For example in India, we will work with a local blockchain-based insurance company that is endorsing the local regulation. In Dubai, same but with different laws. Every signed jobber will be covered by ConnectJob 100% for all kind of purposes.”

The ConnectJob Token

The ConnectJob (CJT) token is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. The token offers a 10 percent discount on all services when paying with CJT token, Premium services, access to highly-reputable jobbers and many more benefits.

The ConnectJob TGE is ongoing. The CJT token is valued at 2400 CJT per ETH, with a 12 percent bonus on all contributions.

Investors can contribute using Eth or fiat currency.

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