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Just like in the real world, coins and tokens die too. However while humans who have kicked the bucket are taken care of by undertakers, CoinJanitor is here to take care of dead coins.

CoinJanitor cleans dead cryptocurrencies in a way that restores their value to broader digital currency markets.

CoinJanitor selects coins that are functionally dead; it contacts the creators of such coins and buys the dead coins out with the CoinJanitor token.

CoinJanitor burns the dead coins and decommissions their blockchain.

CoinJanitor’s primary aim is to serve as the janitor of the crypto world.  It does all the dirty jobs so that all can run smoothly.

How it Works

As said earlier, CoinJanitor gives back value to failed or dead coins. It’s relevant to the crypto market same way a real janitor is to his master. It reduces market dilution to the benefit of established cryptocurrencies.

Once the team finds a dead coin, it contacts the owners of the crypto and community members; buying the lifeless coins with CoinJanitor token, letting them transfer their value into the markets. CoinJanitor burns the dead coins and decommissions their blockchains afterward.

Why is it Important?

This cleanup process is critical because all dead coins have value locked in them and when the value is transferred into the market by CoinJanitor, it benefits all the top cryptocurrencies.

CoinJanitor unlocks the value of the dead coins via a swap. Holders of the CoinJanitor tokens will now be able to exchange their CoinJanitor tokens with established cryptos. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Why You Must Contribute to the CoinJanitor Project

It’s a fact that even non-contributors will benefit from the CoinJanitor project; however token holders of the CoinJanitor token will reap much more rewards.

Token holders will be an integral part of a fast-growing community of that brings together users of failed coins, creating a robust network.

The team will also give coin holders data regarding a relatively unknown market segment that could be of great benefit to users.

Lots of features will be added to CoinJanitor after the project is successfully launched.

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CoinJanitor is here to clean up the markets for investors to have a more efficient crypto ecosystem with an excellent flow of value.

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