Bitclave ICO Review and Analysis

Bitclave – $0.041356 USD (-5.60%), 0.00000429 BTC (-4.32%), 0.00004863 ETH (-6.47%)

Project details 

  • ICO start date | 29-11-2017
  • ICO end date | 29-11-2017
  • Accepted currencies | Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Jurisdiction of company incorporation | Office in Mount-view, California, United States. Bitclave is registered as a legal entity under Singapore law.
  • Project Type | Decentralized Search Ecosystem

Project overview 

What is Bitclave?

“Bitclave is a start-up focused on creating the next generation of decentralized search powered by the privacy and security of blockchain technology. By removing the middlemen in the digital advertising ecosystem, Bitclave gives the user control over their data and connects them directly with the business they are looking for.” – The Bitclave team

  • In Layman’s word | Bitclave is a decentralized search system, which has been premeditated with the intention to protect the privacy of personal data and works. Also, the privacy policy of the same works on establishing and maintaining a new standard for services providers and consumer cooperation.

However, this is not all this project planned to offer, as ‘The Bitclave active search ecosystem’ (BASE) allow publicists, trademark owner and operator to collect compensation from pertinent exploration quarries, with no mediators.

Market and industry review

we all are well aware of the datum that online promotion and marketing does not guarantee any sales.

Nevertheless, the same is still itemized as a domineering part of the promotion.  After all, the same entice probable clienteles and that is the aim services suppliers and manufacturers employ coinage in the progression of online advertisement formations, demonstration, views, and clicks.

In short while online advertising market has reached to a score of $550 billion, the same is yet to be listed under the section of efficient and effective.

In this situation, Bitclave with BASE has plans to hit the market with a different viewpoint altogether. Bitclave active search ecosystem is capable of stockpiling and manage a large volume of information, that too with the minuscule details.

However the team is not planning to sell this data to large-scale promoters, rather they are determined to distribute it to consumers with the help of decentralized blockchain technology.

The Product review

Bitclave consumer records and data is protected against hackers and unquestionably consumers can regulator the practice of their private data with blockchain contracts.

  • Protected against arbitrators (meditators) | Bitclave project is based on Ethereum blockchain platform which supports the same in making certain that consumers personal data and their ID is protected from intermediaries.
  • Token use | The main purpose of ‘Consumer Activity Token’ also known as ‘CAT’ would be a contribution in managing BASE undertakings. In simpler words, the token holders would be business owners and individuals. Basically ‘CAT’ will be used as payment resource for information, services, and goods within the ecosystem.

 Strengths of the project 

  • The bitclave project team plans on working with an unrestricted puddle of possible users, including purchasers and vendors.
  • For the success of any project, it is important that the team working on it embraces both experience and expertise on the same ground. With the experience of working in large companies, 20 professionals of Bitclave project embraces extensive experience and knowledge in the field of data privacy, payment system and IT.
  • The BASE searching engine is in the testing stage. Second product alpha version called Match ICO is ready for trial (

Weaknesses of Project

  • No development plan or launch date in the roadmap
  • No indemnity if working on this podium would be as easy and efficient as on Google, in short, possible network dimension is uncertain.

White-paper Review

Be it finding engineering features of the platform, seller -purchaser collaboration or ledger explanation, with all the necessary information white paper was provided to the audience well before ICO was planned.  Moreover, with the same, a description of search engine market with search interaction with seller was added as well.

Team Review

Founded in 2016, the team came together with a vision of rebuilding the connection amongst businesses and client based on the basis of trust and transparency of smart contracts.

From the start itself, Bitclave team has believed that the world of internet can be turned into more promising place if only concealed ad- networks are transformed and raised into a movement-driven souk where clienteles and trademarks, equally, take-part in value creation while development expressive association linking elevations and acquisitions.

With 20 engineers, there are advisors as well, who are ready to serve with expert advice in the field of the payment system, privacy and blockchain technology. With few staff members working in Russia, most team member of the project is working from San Francisco and California.

Team member’s complete profile can be checked out on LinkedIn, with Bitclave listed as their current workplace.

Alex Bessonov (CEO) – with more than 20 years of experience in the field of security, privacy and blockchain industry, Alex worked with LG electronics as security department head.

Patrick Tague (CTO) – with an academic degree in ECE (electrical and computer engineering) from the Carnegie Mellon University, Patrick hold expertise in mobile integrated and wireless security.

Emmanuel Owusu (Chief Architect) – candidate in sciences from the Carnegie Mellon University.

Vasily Trofimchuk (project manager) – with expertise in advertising, game theory, blockchain technology and management, Vasily hold MBA degree with software development master’s degree. He is also the creator of Astra studio platform.

Yan Michalevsky (security architect) – while being an entrepreneur and Stanford university candidate of science, Yan hold expertise in the computer system and privacy programming support.

Andrey Shashlov (Core developer) – an entrepreneur, innovator and enthusiast of blockchain technology, Andrey is a full stack developer, currently focusing on Android and iOS.

Our take on the project

Serving as a solution for a problem is one aspect, however making sure that the user is able to understand the same and smear its properties is different altogether. The Bitclave team is working quite hard to make sure that not just people who are tech savvy understand what’s happening in Cryptocurrency world but all must have the knowledge of the same.

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