ATS – VIRUS found on the Internet, which will kill ICO projects

Let's be honest with each other – most investors in ICO are not violent fans of the technology in which they have invested. The most important thought is that everyone wants to make money on this. But fast money was possible only in the heated market. Now the ICO industry going through hard times and 90% of tokens lose value when they enter the exchange, causing losses to investors.

The creators of the project, having received the necessary amount, often lose their former interest in developing their product. The amounts collected on the ICO almost always exceed the real need for them. Just people are willing to invest so much, why not take it? And let's add here the team tokens, which they never deprive themselves of. We get quite a decent amount, which is enough for a comfortable life until the end of their days.

And now let's think, maybe the usual scheme of attracting funds is not at all ideal? Maybe there is a better way to start the project, while protecting investors from unscrupulous developers? Our answer is yes, and this method is called ATS (Aggressive Token Sale).

What is Aggressive Token Sale (ATS)?

Aggressive token is new format for attracting investments in crypto-currency projects. A distinctive feature of ATS is the creation of maximum interest of all participants in the positive end of the fundraising process. From the successful completion of the ATS, everyone wins, and the project team and private investors, unlike the standard ICO format, where up to a certain point only the creators of the investment proposal remain in the win.

The main difference between ATS and ICO is that project investors buying its tokens can get a significant profit during the ATS. This option allows you not to wait for its successful completion and the release of tokens to the stock exchanges. The second difference is that the creators of the project receive funds collected from investors in parts and only after the majority of investors vote for it. Until then, the collected funds are stored on an independent Escrow account.

How does ATS work?

ATS is conducted in the form of a series of individual rounds, as a result of which the proposed project's tokens are implemented.

There is an 2 phase:

1. Stabilization phase Is the period during which you can purchase tokens at a fixed cost. At this stage, you can purchase tokens exclusively from the project team. The stage is completed after the sale of all the tokens that were allocated for this round.

2. Stage of growth Is the period during which you can acquire tokens from both the ATS administration and directly from participants who already own tokens. This stage is different in that the rule of constant growth of the price of tokens operates. After the successful sale of each token from the system, the market value increases by a certain coefficient, depending on the dynamics of the ATS. The sale of tokens between participants does not affect the price increase. The stage is completed after the sale of all the tokens that were allocated for this round.

Thus, it is simply impossible to sell tokens cheaper than you bought them. Do not wait for the tokens to be released to the stock exchange – you can already trade them directly at the ICO stage. In this case, all tokens purchased from developers can be sold at any time to other participants and withdraw funds received from the sale at their purse.This is a revolutionary format that changes the rules of the game on the market. The first project that developed and adopted the ATS was the platform VIRUS.

VIRUS is a complete solution for creating and launching ICO projects, which includes a number of products.

Total of their 3:
· V-CENTER – a platform for launching and promoting high quality and safe for investors ICO projects.
· V-INTU – using the "wisdom of the crowd" product that processes huge amounts of data to predict the behavior of the crypto-currency market.
· V-TEAM – Private investment club, community of investors.

The terms of the VIRUS project tokenseal include the main idea proposed by Vitalik Buterin DAICO, in which investors can return the funds invested in the project, almost at any stage. The project developers will receive funding only if they follow the road map and fulfill the promised promises.

Participate, invite your friends and get chic bonus 50% of the amount of funds raised. You can sell the received tokens on the exchange and withdraw to your wallet, if you are not interested in further participation in the project. In addition, the project provided for the so-called 'bounty day'. These are certain days, at registration in which each participant will receive a small amount of coins absolutely free of charge. Perhaps ATS will replace the morally outdated ICO very soon, and those who were at the source always get more than others.

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