Aitheon AI Platform Officials do Great Exploits at the Annual World Government Conference in Dubai

Aitheon is a blockchain-powered system connecting artificial intelligence, robots, smart devices, and humans. Aitheon solves real-life problems using blockchain technology.

The Aitheon executives recently attended the world government summit in Dubai, where they met other world leaders in attendance.

The Aitheon team spoke about the benefits and challenges of artificial intelligence as well as how to revolutionize the world with new technologies.

In attendance at the conference was the CEO of Aitheon, and Chief Strategy officer, Ryan Burleson. They shared their thoughts on the way forward for artificial intelligence with other world leaders.

The two key Aitheon officials addressed many exciting topics, some of which include the impact of AI on the workforce, Cybersecurity, ethics, and code of practice, as well as the benefits of Artificial intelligence on cross-sector dynamics and many others.

The Aitheon officials used the Dubai conference as a platform to enlighten the world on how Aithleon would use AI and blockchain technology to power robots that would work with connected devices and human pilots all facilitated by the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

Aitheon founder and CEO, Andrew Archer said that:

“We’re rapidly entering a new era, where humans, AI systems, smart devices, and robots work hand-in-hand to improve our world. Ryan and I were excited to see how ready world leaders in government, business and finance are to embrace transportation and logistics, data entry and retrieval, remote piloting of semi-autonomous vehicles and more.”

Aitheon platform is powered by its native cryptocurrency which will go on sale on April 20, 2018, at 17:00 UTC, with 30 percent discount for early birds. Join the whitelist now at

About the Summit

The World Government Summit is an annual event attended by world leaders to brainstorm on the best ways of doing things as regards tech, governance, and life generally.

The Summit was held in Dubai, with over 4,000 people in attendance from all over the globe. At this year’s event, some of the speakers include the President of World Bank, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and many other dignitaries.

Aitheon In Brief

As stated earlier, Aitheon is focused on using AI and blockchain to power devices and create systems that would better the world.

Aitheon’s network uses remote specialists to assist proprietary AI algorithms in carrying out a vast array of business processes. The system also has in-built voting blocks that enable users to partake in the governance of the Aitheon ecosystem.

Founder of Aitheon, Andrew Archer, is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for AI. Aitheon is bursting with experts in the fields of autonomous solutions, IT, robotics and others.

“With more entrepreneurs like Andrew we could see a bottom-up renaissance of American manufacturing,” said the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.    

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