Yuga Labs' Otherside Metaverse NFT Mint Broke Ethereum and Other Records, Here is a Recap of What Happened

Otherside Metaverse NFT Mint Was Also a Success

Despite the challenges of congestion on the Ethereum network and paying high ETH gas fees, many participants of the Otherside Metaverse NFT mint are happy with their Otherdeed mints. The majority are sharing their plots of land on Twitter, as seen in the following two sample tweets.

OMG I JUST PULLED THIS #Koda!!!Thank you @OthersideMeta!!! #NFT pic.twitter.com/LZOYLlAPXn

— buk.eth (@buk_eth) May 1, 2022

Thanks for the little Koda buddy #7212.What a surprise!
See you on the Otherside!🥳@yugalabs @BoredApeYC @OthersideMeta pic.twitter.com/Um0vO9wzH5

— 9527yyds.eth (@sophia56169583) May 1, 2022

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