Tether creates more than 146 million USDT and EURT tokens based on Ethereum Blockchain

Tether is launching a new phase of creating tokens, this month they will add eighty-six million EURT and more than sixty million USDT, reports Financial Magnates.

Both tokens are released on Ethereum, with two wallets that show current activity in real time, as Tether continues to face negative criticism after the volatility.

Finance Magnaters quotes an announcement released in September last year, the new tokens are part of a new collaboration that brings Tether to Ethereum.

"Following the widespread success of USDTether based on Bitcoin, released through the Omni Layer protocol, Tether is now working with Ethfinex to develop the first Ethereum router compatible with the ERC20 standard", Says the announcement.


"ERC20 Tether allows you to change USDT to ETH, providing the ability to interact with protocols based on Ethereum and Dapps, allowing users to conduct transactions with fixed currencies through the network Ethereum".

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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