An exciting update for all Machine Learning enthusiasts! Golem [GNT] has announced its launch on Ethereum [ETH] network

The most awaited Golem’s launch on Ethereum Mainnet has been announced officially by the team. Golem was one of the Initial ICO projects by Ethereum in the year 2016. The project has been designed to work as a global supercomputer which is a combination of multiple computers across the globe working under a single network called the Golem [GNT] network.

Currently, the beta version of the project has been launched and it is called as ‘Golem Brass Beta’. The team is working towards the improvement of its decentralized settings.

The project concentrates on Computer Graphics Interface [CGI] rendering for the open source rendering software Blender. It allows a user to rent out his/her laptop processing power to anyone who is in need of it. Rendering of CGIs demand decentralized supercomputer resources and are expected to be cheaper.

The team has disclosed a bigger picture of the project which is being expected to launch by the end of 2018. Upcoming use cases include rendering engines and integrations such as machine learning which needs very high computing power. Golem’s launch is considered to be a good platform for researchers, AI, and machine learning enthusiasts. GNT tokens are available on Ethereum networks and they can be used to pay for the rented computer space. The whole process is automated so that the transactions performed on the network will be executed smoothly.

Golem’s official team tweeted:

“Golem’s last sprint to mainnet launch: this just came in from our Office. our developing team and testing team are working on the last batches of tests. We are on call till the monster’s out and into the Ethereum Mainnet! Thank you to our amazing team!”

A cryptocurrency trader tweeted:

“Thats a great news for the investors, you should provide the tentative date so that someone can add an event on @CoinMarketCal

Golem’s official team says:

“We are steering clear from definite dates – making sure everything works as we expect is key, and such practices only add unnecessary pressure. A half-baked release to comply with a precise and particular date is not really a responsible take.”

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