Viuly Blockchain Video Sharing Platform Now Have Up to 1 Million Users

The Viuly has announced that their platform has been growing considerable well since its launch. Now, Viuly has up to one million unique users.

Viuly has seen a significant increase in the influx of members within the past few months. According to the team, over 700,000 new users joined the platform since February 2018.

Unlike its counterparts in the social media industry, Viuly does not charge video uploaders fees for displaying their contents. The platform also rewards users who are very active, with VIU tokens.

The number of channels on the platform has also increased within the past few months, from 30,000 channels to more than 70,000. There has also been a significant increase in video content. The video clips have just from 90,000 to 260,000. The Viuly platform now receives 250,000 unique visitors daily.

On Viuly, all users, channel holders, and video uploaders earn VIU tokens for viewing and sharing videos on the platform. VIU token holders have an option to trade their tokens for bitcoin or use it to buy ads packages.

Viuly is proud to make users earn real money while catching fun. The team shares some revenues generated via sales of advertising packs to the community.

Viuly is focused on revolutionizing the multi-billion dollar online video sharing ecosystem. It uses the power of blockchain to create a transparent, secure and fully decentralized video network.

VIU token is the platform’s native cryptocurrency, and it facilitates all transactions on Viuly.

With Viuly, the world can everyone can share and watch videos and get rewarded with VIU tokens for their activities.

VIU gives users an environment to launch and watch all kinds of content without restrictions or censorship.

Viuly had early received an investment of EUR 150,000 from Krypton venture capital. The Viuly is determined to establish an industry of related firms, to grow values and revenues together.

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