Tron DApp Weekly Report: Justin Sun’s crypto continues to loom over EOS and Ethereum

Tron [TRX] has been in the news multiple times recently, with its flurry of developments and updates. This progress was recently shown in the company’s latest DApp Weekly report, which touched upon Tron’s prowess in the DApp industry and its dominance over rivals, EOS and Ethereum [ETH].

Justin Sun, Chief Executive Officer of the Tron Foundation had tweeted,

“There is a slight increase of #DApps on #TRON this week. The number of DApp has increased by 15, reaching 478. DAU has increased by 3000, maintaining at 59000. DApp transaction volumes maintain between 11M and 14M USD. Other data stay stable. #TRX $TRX”

Tronbet was still the most dominant DApp on the Tron blockchain, followed by TronWoW and TronTrade. Tron’s diversification into separate industries with their tokens was also made evident with the organization teaming up with Bidali to provide more support to TRX and BTT tokens.

The report also informed users that, a popular hotel booking website, had started accepting TRX along with fiat currencies like the Euro, GBP and the United States Dollar. Tron was also in the news recently after it was announced that the total count of accounts on the cryptocurrency’s blockchain had exceeded 3 million.  The tweet from Tronscan, a Tron data aggregator, read,

“According to #TRONSCAN, TRON total accounts have reached 3,107,241.
TRON ecosystem has developed rapidly and continues to make efforts to decentralize the web”

This development came on the back of Tron’s block height breaching the 10 million mark on the same day as the BitTorrent token airdrop. The milestone was reached when the blockchain comprised of 1405 nodes and the maximum transactions per second was at 1932421 TPS.

Some users were so confident in Tron that @TheMoon, a TRX enthusiast, commented,

“You dont need tether …..Tron already is a stable coin.”

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