Trade the Crypto Market Like Never Before with GIBXChange

Trading cryptocurrencies has never been more profitable, with widespread market volatility and improved trading capabilities becoming the new norm. This is where GIBX Exchange (GIBXChange) comes in, which boasts hundreds of different assets to choose from and the most popular crypto trading pairs on the market.

Crypto exchanges offering a wide range of assets are nothing new to the marketplace. However, the ability to find a secure and transparent exchange with myriad benefits for users is not a common occurrence, even in 2021.

GIBXChange is the easy and go-to option for crypto investors, offering with a unique range of incentives for users as well as a strong market footprint across over 100 countries.

With rebate opportunities, discounts, and earned interest opportunities, there is truly something for everyone with GIBXChange.

GIBXChange Solidifying Stance as Top Exchange

2021 has been an active year for GIBXChange, which expanded its trading capabilities to the widely used MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform.

As the most popular and advanced trading platform on the market, GIBXChange has consistently diversified its offering and expanded its trading suite on MT5, making it one of the most extensive.

In addition, traders have been able to consistently take advantage of some of the most advanced market price analysis tools and use algorithmic trading applications on GIBXChange. This includes automated trading, Expert Advisors (EAs), and copy trading systems.

Traders are not just limited to crypto on GIBXChange however, as users can explore other asset classes such as forex, indices, stock CFDs, commodities, futures, and more.

This diversity was on full display this year with GIBXChange being nominated for the Forex Awards 2021, which recognizes the best forex digital asset trading platform.

As a shortlisted nominee of the 2021 Forex Awards, GIBXChange represents a standard for the rest of the industry to reach.

That GIBXChange is already being nominated for such prestigious rewards speaks volumes to the company’s vision and offering, emphasizing transparency and execution.

The categories that GIBXChange is likely to win are Best Cryptocurrency and Forex Exchange 2021, Best Trade Executions 2021, Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2021, Best Trading Application 2021, and Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2021.

Being shortlisted for the Forex Awards Nominations 2021 is another example of GIBXChange’s commitment to innovation of product and service, promotion of high-quality development of the whole industry, and enabler of investors to achieve investment goals.

2021 has also seen GIBXChange launch several partnerships and cooperations with well-known crypto organizations. This was an impetus behind launching their latest platform, GIBX Swap, earlier this year in mid-September.

GIBX Swap currently operates as one of the best decentralized exchanges out there, focuses on mainstream cryptocurrencies.

The launch of a decentralized trading platform focused on mainstream cryptocurrencies is the most recent and notable development of GIBXChange.

The launch has ensured the platform possesses a coveted business model with ecological clarity, asset safety, trading fairness, and market liquidity.

GIBXChange as a Market Leader Moving Forward

Traders covet profitability more than any other attribute and GIBXChange has a lot to offer on this front. The company offers an attractive blend of incentives that collectively empower traders, whether they are just starting out or veterans of ten years.

GIBXChange’s Exchange Ambassador Program is the ideal way to benefit from referrals to friends and colleagues, all of which are eligible for attractive rebate options. Moreover, GIBXChange offers direct investing with no top-ups required.

For a limited time, discounts are available when buying Bitcoin and Ethereum, in limited cases up to 50%. Prospective traders and GIBXChange clients can familiarize themselves with staking opportunities and other attractive offers today.

GIBXChange can best be defined for its three core components that traders can benefit from. This includes a new blockchain trading platform, state-of-the-art trading protocols, and a cross-chain decentralized trading platform.

By leveraging the latest technologies such as multi-cluster deployment and distributed architecture, GIBXChange separates hot and cold wallets, guaranteeing safe, fast transactions.

Over the past year, GIBXChange has built up its market footprint and industry clout, having been supported by big groups and an array of powerful partners.

GIBXChange as a Safe and Secure Exchange Platform

It is wise to invest using a financial trading platform regulated by reputable internal authorities At the AAA level. The group is secure and transparent, whose operations have been approved by leading international authorities such representing the gold standard of regulation.

This includes the National Futures Association (NFA) license. The U.S. Department of Treasury via The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network also issued an MSB (money services businesses) license.

Furthermore, the Financial Conduct Authority from the United Kingdom has also licensed GIBX. These are assurances that facial rules and regulations are adhered to and risk management given the priority it deserves.

The above licenses are supported by established data clearing centers across the globe in the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and other states.

As such, GIBX strictly follows all rules and regulations and uses reliable risk management solutions to ensure the safety and legality of users’ capital.

There are reliable liquidity providers like Barclays Bank, Deutsche Bank, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Bank of America, Citigroup Corporation, UniCredit Group, Credit Suisse Group AG, BNP Paribas, JPMorgan Chase & Co, The Goldman Sachs Group, The Royal Bank of Scotland, SoftBank Group Corporation and UBS Group AG among others.

About GIBXChange

GIBXChange is led by a team of blockchain veterans with expertise in exchanges, media, and public chains. The group is committed to providing secure, convenient, and efficient digital asset trading services for users from more than 100 countries across the world.

GIBXChange operates as a world-leading best digital asset exchange covering foreign exchange functions”. Harnessing the MT5 LP MAM+5A allows users to experience the world’s top services.

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