There’s Just No Stopping Verge

Once again, Verge continues to stand out in the markets as a confident climber.

Last week, Verge found itself making headlines for all the right reasons, a successful crowdfunding campaign among exciting new announcements. These, coincided with a noticeable increase in the currencies value, leading a lot of people to believe that Verges good performance was down to just that, a coincidence.

Coincidences are notably not good indicators for predicting how a currency will perform, so it’s never wise to base a big investment on sentiments that could be put down to coincidence. That’s but a simple fact.

Today however, despite the wake of its big announcements certainly fizzling out, Verge continues to climb. It’s currently up 23% and spent a weekend of network-wide price crashes, steadily climbing despite the fallout happening around it.

It’s value in relation to Bitcoin is slightly higher than its value against the US Dollar at present, but the general scope of things indicates that it’s going to continue rising. If it does, then we could have a full week of gains at our hands. One week might lead to two, two to three, three to four and so on.

It’s important to note that yes, at the moment most of the markets are now in the green, suggesting that a recovery is underway, but Verge still stands out as having a much faster growth rate than many of the other top 100 currencies.

The most important thing to discuss here is that maybe we should start to consider that last week, Verges solid performance was not down to coincidence and that actually it’s growth has just been organic. It’s a bold claim but it does seem to look that way, especially considering the fact it avoided a lot of the damage many of the other currencies where subject to at the weekend.

Upon inspection of their media pages, you can see that no more speculation has been spread and that the echo-chamber has calmed down, further reinforcing my point that this is a self-inflicted performance and is not down to intelligent marketing carried out by Verge. They just seem to be sitting back and waiting until their planned big announcement in mid-April. Fortunately for them, it’s looking like Verge will continue to expand until that announcement has been made.

It looks to be a promising time not just for Verge but for the majority of the market. Verge however has performed well and looks to be on the verge of remarkable things over the next few weeks.

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