The Best Cloud Mining Tron (TRX) Services in 2022 – Are They Profitable?

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Have you been looking into cloud mining cryptocurrency in 2022 but aren’t sure whether it’s profitable or not? In this article, we’re going to take a look at cloud mining in 2022, specifically cloud mining of the Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency.


  • 1 Is mining TRX currently profitable?
  • 2 How does cloud mining work?
  • 3 GEM-TRX Cloud Mining
  • 4 What Is Tron (TRX)?
  • 5 How can I get Tron (TRX)?

Is mining TRX currently profitable?

Yes, cloud mining is profitable in Q1 2022. Obviously, the profit margins depend on the price of electricity you are paying for. The lower your price for electricity, the better the profits. One option is to start mining TRX via cloud mining services like GEM-TRX, which offer an easy and intuitive way to start earning TRX in 2022. There are dozens of cloud mining services available for all types of cryptocurrencies, and a simple Google search for TRX cloud mining will show a number of options.

How does cloud mining work?

There are a number of different options available for cloud mining. Some services sell cloud mining contacts where users pay a certain amount upfront and receive a daily return in a cryptocurrency of their choice.

Other options, like GEM-TRX, require a deposit of TRX to your wallet and automatically take care of the rest. GEM-TRX requires a minimum deposit of 5TRX to start off, and users can deposit the minimum amount to test out the service. Keep in mind that there will be a maximum withdrawal amount per day that users can take out of their accounts.

GEM-TRX Cloud Mining

GEM-TRX was launched in 2018 and is one of the leading TRX cloud mining service providers. It offers a cloud mining service built on the Tron network and provides users with a convenient and efficient TRX cloud mining experience.

The purpose of this company is to maximize the interests of each user, so they can leverage large wealth with relatively low capital. “Invest once, enjoy forever,” that’s why all options are recognized and followed by GEM-TRX. Through future data analysis, users should understand that GEM-TRX pursues long-term strategic cooperative relationships with users, which is the reason they’ve grown to over 1 million members at this time.

To start cloud mining with GEM-TRX, users can visit their website, register with an email, deposit TRX and the service will automatically start mining the TRX cryptocurrency for you. There are several levels available for users to choose from when it comes to cloud mining, the higher the level the better the rewards.

In addition, GEM-TRX offers a number of affiliate programs incentivizing users to share their links and recruit more users to the platform. Please see the below breakdown of the affiliate program for GEM-TRX:

If users invite friends who deposit funds to their accounts they will receive rebates. Below is the complete breakdown of the various levels and rebates users can accumulate:

Invite Rebate:

  • You invite level 1 users and they complete registration, you’ll get 30TRX.
  • Level 1 user invites level 2 user and completes registration, you’ll get 20TRX.
  • Level 2 user invites level 3 user and completes registration, you’ll get 10TRX.

Deposit Rebate:

Based on your down-line deposit amount per time.

  • Level 1 user deposit 1000TRX, you’ll get 120TRX(12%)
  • Level 2 user deposit 1000TRX, you’ll get 50TRX(5%)
  • Level 3 user deposit 1000TRX, you’ll get 20TRX(2%)

Trading Rebate:

Based on your down-line mining income per time.

  • Level 1 user mines 1000TRX and gets 50TRX, you’ll get 5TRX(10%)
  • Level 2 user mines 1000TRX and gets 50TRX, you’ll get 2.5TRX(5%)
  • Level 3 user mines 1000TRX and gets 50TRX, you’ll get 1.5TRX(3%)

GEM-TRX offers a one-stop-shop mining service that makes it extremely easy for those interested in cloud mining to give it a try. In addition, the minimum 5TRX deposit makes it easy for new users to test out the service without committing a large amount of money.

What Is Tron (TRX)?

Launched in 2018, Tron is an ambitious project dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized internet. The Tron protocol is one of the largest blockchains on the market, with a current market capitalization of over $7.6 billion. It ranks as the 25th largest cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap.

Tron’s cryptocurrency is used on the network and is also called TRX or Tronix. Users of the network use Tronix to pay content creators to access their applications along with various utilities on the blockchain.

Tron also has a highly popular token standard called TRC-20, it’s often the network for choice for transactions since the fees on the Tron network are minuscule compared to those on the Ethereum blockchain.

How can I get Tron (TRX)?

The easiest way to get Tron is on an exchange like KuCoin or Binance. Users can purchase TRX with various cryptocurrencies and transfer the tokens to a wallet where they own the keys such as TronLink. TronLink is similar to MetaMask to those familiar with Web3 wallets.

TronLink is available as a browser extension, an Android application, an iOS application, and a Desktop application.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or using any cloud mining service. We aren’t responsible for any lost or stolen funds.

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