Terra 2.0 is Not a Hardfork But the Genesis of a New Blockchain, says The Team Behind LUNA

By the look of things, Terra proposal 1623 to introduce the new chain will sail through smoothly since it has met the pass threshold of 50% and without the 33% veto threshold.

However, the fate of the project might hang in the balance based on reports that South Korean authorities are seeking to freeze the Luna Foundation Guard’s assets. The potential consequence of an early seizure of the LFG’s assets has been explored by Terra Community member @FatManTerra, who came to the following conclusion.

If LFG assets are frozen by the police too soon, the small holder refund that they guaranteed may not take place.

Let’s hope bureaucracy drags its feet on this one, at least for the time being. I have been contemplating several matters (albeit sleep-deprived) – more to come soon.

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