Stox Launches Sun Tzu Beta; Each User Gets 5 STX Tokens to Try Platform Without Any Risk

Stox has launched their new beta, Sun Tzu, which brings real STX functionality and smart contract wallets.

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, 23 February

Stox, the blockchain-powered prediction market platform is one of the ICOs from 2017 which has grown steadily, both in terms of platform development and its token price. Now, with the release of their beta platform, Sun Tzu, the project is giving users 5 STX tokens for a risk-free trial.

Earlier we also reported on how Stox has been forging exciting new partnerships with upcoming ICOs, particularly for its new ICO predictions category, working with the likes of Sirin Labs, InsurePal, BlitzPredict, FintruX and LeadCoin.

Now, with the Sun Tzu release, the project is experiencing an increasing influx of new users interested in participating in prediction markets.

Currently, STX tokens are trading around $0.44 and the price has been relatively stable despite the recent Bitcoin volatility. Users can buy STX tokens on multiple exchanges, including HitBTC, Liqui, Kucoin, and EtherDelta.

After purchasing STX tokens, they need to be sent to an Ethereum wallet, from where they are transferred to the internal wallet on the Stox platform.

If you haven’t registered yet, head on over to and sign up to get 5 tokens. You can also follow the project on Twitter and Telegram for more updates.

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