Stellar (XLM) Has A Strong Road Map For 2018

Now that the excitement around the cryptocurrency bubble seems to be behind us, investors are starting to look more carefully at the road maps and plans that lie behind several major cryptocurrencies. Inevitably, some of these are stronger than others. Many cryptocurrencies seem to have launched without any thought being given to their future development path. One cryptocurrency that definitely isn’t in this situation is Stellar. In this article, we’ll take a look at its road map for the rest of 2018.

Partnerships are the key

As with so many other cryptocurrencies, investors and speculators are betting that partnerships will be the key to Stellar’s growth over the coming year. It certainly has a good range of deals on the horizon. Both FairX and IBM climbed onboard in late 2017 and rumour has it that more of these deals are in the pipeline.

The cryptocurrency of big business?

Stellar is likely to have a future as a cryptocurrency that is used by major financial institutions and other blue chip businesses to reduce transaction costs. At the moment, its roadmap doesn’t suggest that it has much of a future as a means of exchange that will be used by consumers. This is a safer path for Stellar since major corporations have already been keen to get into the cryptocurrency game as they see massive advantages in the lower transaction costs that they offer. There is little sign so far that consumers are ready to start adopting cryptocurrencies in a big way. As long as the market remains as volatile as it has of late there is unlikely to be much adoption of cryptocurrency by regular shoppers.

Stellar appears to be in a good position to ride the cryptocurrency wave in 2018. Its well thought out roadmap sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies on the market.

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