Sharpay – Share button with blockchain profit

There are about 1 billion sites on the world wide web, growing by 5% to 7 % every year and amongst these sites, only 3% is enabled with the social media share button. Sharpay with its unique technology has created a simple share button which can be used by sites to plug-in any content instead of the other old sharing buttons.

The share button is backed by the blockchain technology and users are rewarded for sharing the content.

Sharpay Token, backed by Ethereum ERC20 has designed an independent decentralized blockchain system which will be used for issuing, distributing tokens amongst sites and users for social activity and storing information. The Token Sale started on 1st March 2018 and raised soft cap $3 million in the first week.

According to the core team, Sharpay is:

“Share button with Blockchain profit.”

Sharpay is a top 1 project evaluated by 63 independent experts of ICOBench with the highest rating of 4.9 of all active projects because their technology aims at increasing the sharing and interaction of sites from 3% to 10% in the world along with the increase in traffic, conversation sessions and sales with minimum expenditure.

Sharpay technology is protected by Eurasian International Patent Priority. The project provides the possibility of two actions at the same time. With just one click, the blockchain offers profit of sharing with tokens and muti-sharing in several networks.

Sharpay works towards eliminating the hassle of sharing on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook which is used mainly to share content and ideas to make users aware of the products available in the market. The share button allows social media fanatics to earn by sharing, the most number of shares and subscribers will lead to more rewards. This, in turn, will usher the growth of social media sharing.

Sharpay goes by the saying,

“You share We pay.”

Sharpay share button enables users to share any content on social media platforms and rewards the users based on click-through. It also enables users to share content on multiple social media platforms with just one click and thereby increasing the efficiency of the portal.

The multi sharing button is connected to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Reddit, Telegram, Tumblr. They are working towards adding other social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, QQ, G+, Viber, LiveJournal and many more. Sharpay share button is designed in a way that it will easily blend in with any interface as their main feature is the code applied to the share button. The share button can also be customised according to the site’s design.

Samples’ of Sharpay sharing button

How Sharpay works:

  1. Site owners can buy the token package and set the click-through reward target.
  2. Users can start to share the content on their social media platforms.
  3. The user’s account is created on the first share through the Sharpay share button after which, the user’s agreement will have their own Sharpay scoring system based on their number of friends, subscribers, and activeness on their social media platforms.
  4. The users will receive their tokens after 24 hours of sharing (based on the site’s terms).
  5. Sharpay automatically checks for the quality of visitors, if the post hasn’t been deleted before 24 hours and the count of click-throughs.
  6. If the results are positive, the reward will be calculated by the system and the tokens will be released to the users.

The Sharpay team adds:

“Sharing is the new mining”

This unique share button will overpower all the current popular sharing companies which are using the traditional sharing method and will transform the internet worldwide. Sharpay will eventually lead the global market and make social media marketing one of the leading reasons for an increase in the companies revenue generations.

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