Ripple [XRP] becomes the 4th asset to be listed on London Block Exchange

The United Kingdom’s only dedicated multi-cryptocurrency exchange, London Block Exchange [LBX] has added Ripple [XRP] today to the coins it offers to its customers. Ripple is now the fourth cryptocurrency offered by the new Block Exchange, LBX.

LBX tweeted earlier:

“We’re now offering the ONLY #GBP/#XRP pairing.”

The London exchange was established in November for over the counter [OTC] trades and is currently on-boarding retailers to its user-friendly application. This app is backed by world-class customer service while also following Strict KYC/AML protocols. An acclaimed daily market report is sent to all the members, which can be viewed on their site or the Telegram channel.

Ripple is now added to the tradable list of currencies on the exchange platform LBX allowing the trade of the 3rd largest virtual currency directly around the pound to its customers. All of these 4 currencies can now be traded against the Dollar, the Pound or the Euro. Ripple was also added by digital wallet Uphold and Thai Digital Asset Exchange this week.

This means that LBX is not only the sole operator in the market offering on-shore UK banking. Although, it is the only exchange offering the XRP/GBP pair.

The exchange will also add further materials to its site which will be educational. The ‘college of crypto’ includes an array of coin tutorials along with blockchain basics and crypto specs. They have also focused on wallets, forks, and security while aiming to help the newbies in the crypto-world to make knowledgeable choices.

Benjamin Dives, the CEO and Founder of LBX quoted:

“As we open our doors to UK crypto enthusiasts, we’re listening and acting on what the community wants. That’s an array of good quality coin options to trade, all backed by a reliable, comprehensive and user-friendly service that they can trust. Also, we’ll be adding more coins by the week. So watch this space.”

Garry Hackinson, a cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Way to go Ripple, you have always been on the positive side. I hope this is a huge thing very soon and will rip off all the haters who have been claiming Brad as a fraud and Ripple as a scam project, Buhaha.”


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