Revuto Launched R Fund – Set You up for a Successful ICO on Cardano

Sept 10, 2021 – Blockchain startup Revuto has announced their R fund, a dedicated $2M investment fund to support startups in the Cardano ecosystem. 

This is a first of its kind, private fund of $2M dedicated to support and grow the Cardano ecosystem and help projects ship and fundraise better, faster with the aim of being their earliest backer – prior to the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). 

“We want to support Cardano projects as early as possible, and do that using our experience from a recent oversubscribed ICO, the 1st of its kind on Cardano. We’re in an incredible position to have the funding, tech, and community ready to support your next project on Cardano. The R fund will help with setting projects up for a successful ICO and then using one of the biggest communities to spread the world and help you acquire initial users and backers,” said Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman.

“With one of the most active and biggest communities assembled around Revuto, the stage is already set for more Cardano ICOs and we are looking forward to rising the tide and growing the ecosystem. We want every developer and token creator to leverage growing power and community of Revuto and R fund when thinking about launching their product.” Vukman concluded and announced that the first R fund investment will be public by the end of next month.

The company is also preparing new product offerings to grow and support projects even further. R fund applications will be available in the coming days on their website

About Revuto

Revuto is an active subscription management solution and the first-ever token sale on Cardano. Revuto raised $10M and has 2.8m signups for early access with 100k active users worldwide.

By leveraging Cardano native tokens and defi to pay for subscriptions, Revuto’s ecosystem is designed to save people money regardless of crypto market conditions. Revuto users can subscribe to services using the Revuto debit card, the built-in wallet supports Cardano-native tokens, and the accompanying app can be used to Block, Snooze or Approve subscription charges as they occur.


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