Pushing Crypto Forward – Equality In An Emerging Industry

  • 2017 was massive for cryptocurrency
  • 2018 was massive for cryptocurrency
  • We think it’s safe to say, this year was a massive year too

2017 was massive for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

2018 was massive for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

And now, we look back on 2019 and think it’s safe to say, this year was a massive one for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

As a space, we have seen more members come and join the industry than ever before. These different people have seen thousands of new products and technologies being created and have even seen a big significant skyrocket for the interest of women.

Not a man’s world anymore

This space of cryptocurrency (and just finances in general) are usually seen as a world just for men. Or at least, that’s what the consensus was 30 years ago. Now, as we leave the 2010s, it’s become clear that women can contribute just as much to the finance space as men. 

The only way to make sure that crypto and blockchain as a space was able to become more gender-friendly, was to tone this down to remove the stereotype that finance is a man’s game.

But the question has to be asked as to why it’s taken so long.

Investment and financial markets have always been a male-dominated industry and so with this, women were more than likely to have been pushed away from the space and reluctant to get involved with cryptocurrency and technology.

Over the course of the last two years, more and more projects have realised this as the industry has become more mainstream and interesting to the general public. On top of this, we also have to notice that a big shift has taken place with regards to the type of people involved in this industry, regardless of gender. We’ve seen big support of equality and feminism these past few years and rightly so. Crypto fanatics have become more liberal and so, they are more accepting of everybody, regardless of race, creed or in this context, gender.

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