Payza Integrates Dash with a Little Help from BlockCypher

Popular cryptocurrency platform Dash is teaming up with online payment provider Payza to bring its availability and services to over 13 million individuals and 100,000 companies. Payza clientele can now send and receive Dash payments from fellow members and exchange it for over 25 different types of currency, including bitcoin.

Payza Breaking Out of the ‘Comfort’ Zone

Prior to the integration, Payza had enabled only bitcoin support for its users, but introducing Dash to customers will grant them access to several thousand retailers they otherwise would not have been able to garner goods and services from.

In addition, Dash has recently promoted itself as an enabler of banking and credit services to residents of third-world or under-developed nations.

Payza, while headquartered in the U.K., is also stationed in Asia, the Middle East and South America in countries such as Venezuela, Pakistan, Nepal and Haiti. Dash will give these customers access to low payment fees and authorized financial solutions.

In a press release, Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor explained the significance of the decision to work with Payza:

“Payza is an exciting partnership for Dash because our respective missions are so well aligned. Payza is supporting underbanked populations in nearly 200 countries, and Dash network’s low-cost instant transactions are ideal attributes for meeting these customers’ needs. Payza is also well regarded in the industry with literally millions of users. Thus far, they’ve refrained from integrating other coins across their platform, and we are truly humbled to be selected as the first digital currency to integrate beyond bitcoin. We look forward to supporting Payza’s growth going forward.”

Bringing Two Worlds Together

The connective tissue between the two companies occurs by way of BlockCypher, a leading blockchain web services and infrastructure provider that seeks to grant both individuals and businesses alike easy access to multiple cryptocurrencies through single steps or platforms.

Head of growth at BlockCypher Karen Hsu stated:

“Payza leads the digital payments market in providing customers with the choice to use Dash and digital currencies, which have become the fastest and most economical way of making cross-border payments for people around the world.”

Payza is promoting the new partnership by giving its users a 10 percent bonus when exchanging fiat currency or bitcoin into Dash up to one coin, and five percent up to five coins.

The move is part of Dash’s push to become an international payments network, and promote itself outside the world’s traditional consumer markets. While it has succeeded somewhat at spreading its message and brand, Dash hasn’t been immune to the crypto asset price collapses that have plagued the industry since the start of 2018 — since hitting a peak just below $1,600 USD just before Christmas, Dash is now worth around $430.

Will Dash’s Payza deal do anything to make it stand out from the crowd? Post your comments below.

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