PARKGENE Makes Peer-to-Peer Car Parking a Reality with Blockchain Technology

The PARKGENE project, which aims to simplify car parking issues via a peer-to-peer, blockchain solution.

The USD 100 billion auto parking market is finally ripe for digital transformation, and the PARKGENE ICO is in the middle of it. PARKGENE is a peer-to-peer network connecting drivers needing to park their cars with parking space owners who are not using the spot. It’s been called “Airbnb for Parking”, and it’s based on a proven platform with 50,000 users. Drivers will find it cheaper and faster to find a private parking spot than hunting for a public lot. Additionally PARKGENE enlarges the GENE ecosystem with the addition of GENE Wallet (a multi currency wallet for all your Cryptos) which is connected to a Debit Card for easy access to FIAT currency, backed by the value of your Wallet Crypto Portfolio.

Peer-to-peer parking projects have existed before PARKGENE, but the red tape involved in handling taxation and licensing doomed most projects from the beginning. Others floundered on the technological rocks and the rest were carried away by fundraising and scalability issues. PARKGENE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parkguru, is basing the technology on its already successful app. But what about the regulatory issues?

PARKGENE uses tokens (1 GENE = USD 0.1), and thus avoids the licensing and invoicing problems. At the same time, through building big from the beginning by means of the ICO, PARKGENE will raise the financial resources needed to park itself in cities across the globe.


In December 2017, PARKGENE held a successful PRE-ICO Closed Round Token Sale consisting of 2% of the token supply (or USD 2 million). Step 1 of the Public ICO, which ran from 15 January, 2018 through 13 February, sold another 61 million tokens (USD 6.1 million). ICO Step 2 ends on Monday March 19, 2018, and now features a 50% bonus until Ether reaches USD 1,200.00. Up to now PARKGENE has successfully sold more than 200 million tokens (USD 20 million).

To join the project, create an account at the official website. You can pay with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and USD through a wire transfer. Get your cryptocurrency address (used only for you) for payment deposits, and buy GENE tokens if necessary. Enter the ERC20 ETHEREUM Wallet and your GENE tokens will be sent to you immediately.

GENE is an Ethereum ERC20 token utilizing Ethereum blockchain technology. This means that any wallet you use needs to be ERC20 compatible. You can use any Ethereum wallet as long as you have access to the wallet’s private keys. The newly-released ParkGENE Wallet is perfect for holding your GENE, and currently comes with 50 GENE tokens for FREE!

GENE is already confirmed as present on three currency exchanges, so your GENE becomes convertible with fiat currencies as well. Moreover, with the ParkGENE debit card, scheduled for Q3 2018, you’ll be able to tie into fiat currency all the more easily as well.

For further information on the ICO or to download the ParkGENE white paper, open a ParkGENE wallet visit or join their official Telegram for updates.

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