Opera for Android Integrates a Cryptocurrency Wallet

With this new built-in wallet, users will be able to store a variety of cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens. It also facilitates sending and receiving cryptocurrency transactions. Securing the cryptocurrency wallet is done through a passcode or biometric features offered by one’s mobile phone. The latter method will only apply to those phones which offer that functionality.

For the time being, the wallet remains in public beta. Crypto Wallet is the first example of such a tool introduced by a major browser. It seems unlikely that Chrome or Firefox will follow suit anytime soon. Users of the Edge browser will have to wait even longer prior to seeing such functionality, as Microsoft seemingly cut all ties with Bitcoin recently.

The Opera team explained the new feature as follows:

We believe the web of today will be the interface to the decentralized web of tomorrow. This is why we have chosen to use our browser to bridge the gap. We think that with a built-in crypto wallet, the browser has the potential to renew and extend its important role as a tool to access information, make transactions online and manage users’ online identity in a way that gives them more control.

Whether or not this upgrade will take cryptocurrency mainstream remains to be seen. It is an interesting feature added by the Opera team, although it may never exit the beta stage if there is not sufficient demand. Making Bitcoin and altcoins more easily accessible is a positive development for the industry as a whole. Cryptocurrency needs some positive momentum in one way or another.

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