How The Next Generation Could Become Crypto-Experts

All this talk of cryptocurrency adoption and cryptocurrency breaking into the realm of real life, everyday living suggests that, should it take place, people will need to jump on a very quick learning curve in order to be able to spend cryptocurrencies well. In an ideal world where cryptocurrency becomes the norm, many people are at risk of being left behind through lack of knowledge and education.

Most concerningly however, if our generations don’t know about cryptocurrencies, then how can we possibly teach our children about them? They are the most likely to benefit from blockchain technologies after all.

Thankfully, a brand-new cryptocurrency system has been designed with children in mind. The application is called ‘Pigzbe’ and offers a brand-new format for the traditional piggy bank. Whilst the system has been designed to integrate children and inspire a new generation, I actually think many parents and older generations could benefit from the platform too.

How does it work?

Pigzbe is a wallet that has been designed with education in mind. Pigzbe encourages the collection of a cryptocurrency called ‘Wollo’. Wollo works within the blockchain in the same way as other cryptocurrencies and can be used in direct transfers between parents and children.

The Pigzbe platform actually uses immersive games and tutorials through which children can learn about cryptocurrency in an easy to understand, friendly format. Children won’t earn Wollo through any interactions with the game, instead, Parents can convert real money into Wollo which is stored in a cold storage wallet, which comes as part of the Pigzbe package. Wollo, can then be used like a standard cryptocurrency to make transactions, however, cleverly the package comes with a real-life card that enables children and parents to spend Wollo in real life and online, in exactly the same way you would with a standard bank card.

This is less a cryptocurrency format, but more an alternative cryptocurrency bank account, something more similar to what we will find as a result of the blockchain revolution in a few years’ time.

It’s a very forward-thinking concept and will give children the knowledge they need to enter an ever expanding blockchain universe. Through their own learning experience, parents will be more inclined to learn about cryptocurrencies too and should notice the inherent advantages that they offer.

Many people argue that Bitcoin Cash is the solo entity that will drive cryptocurrency adoption forward, but, consider designs like Pigzbe that really do seem to have located a very realistic image of how cryptocurrency could look to the future. This is the system that will be turning our younger generations into crypto-experts and this is the type of platform that will drive cryptocurrency adoption, into the norm.

See the Pigzbe whitepaper for yourself, here-

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