The Next Big Thing in Decentralized Gaming: Meet UnicornGo

Blockchain technology remains as a misunderstood force for many users and investors. While the technology is hardly the newest force to emerge in the finance space, there exist a variety of functions that helps bridge its use with individuals. This includes UnicornGo, a full supported initiative to help promote blockchain technology through gamification.

Historically speaking, many individuals have gravitated towards games whether it be through platforms, apps, or other mediums. There is no lack of examples that have proven to be highly successful over the past few years, including household names such as Farmville, Words with Friends, Angry Birds, and others.

UnicornGo has tapped into this same potential, monetizing in-game unicorns, plots of land and candies. These users can then buy and sell unicorns on a secure marketplace, while also breeding them and obtaining new ones. Individuals can even give unicorns to other players.

In addition, users are able to buy, sell, exchange items and other accessories for their unicorns, allowing for personalization. This includes clothes, trimming, plots of land, houses and a special asset known as a magic tree. In particular, these trees give fruits known as ‘candies’, which unicorn use to recover. Candies represent one of the most important and valuable constructs in the game, and can be used for growing new trees.

Unicorns will be amongst some of the most customizable constructs in gaming. Users will be able to oversee a host of different attributes, such as the Unicorn’s name, its popularity metrics, generation and birthday, breeding times, geo-tagging, social sharing, genealogy, and its parents.

In-game features and interactive world

Unlike other online games, UnicornGo features an entirely sovereign world, complete with realistic genetics, geolocation, augmented reality, and a dedicated in-game economy as well as combat system.

Other projects such as CryptoKitties have featured similar initiatives however much of them have suffered from developmental shortcomings or other issues of inflation. This has been the case with CryptoKitties, whereby an unlimited supply of the tokens due to unlimited and unrestricted. Additionally, many of these gaming projects suffer from a limited use of blockchain technology, often failing to become a decentralized game at all.

For UnicornGo’s part, the group has already begun developing a new exchange market for exchanging in-game resources, as well as a gene lab to breed mutant unicorns. UnicornGo’s eventual goal will be to create a truly decentralized game built entirely on unicorns and these digital resources.

The ultimate initiative will also see developers take a hands-off approach as a fully autonomous world takes shape within the game. As such, users will be able to complete, process, and oversee all transactions and actions without the need of third parties. UnicornGo is has developed its own CandyCoin currency, based on ERC-20 token – the total supply of the coins is 12.0 million.

The next step in gaming

UnicornGo is based on Ethereum and Universa with CandyCoins representing its own digital currency. The group utilizes a smart contract system, which facilitates transactions and other actions with no third parties involved. This is a huge asset, further improving the transparency of the in-game experience as well as the entirety of the project.

The game release itself is slated for the middle of March 2018. Unlike many other projects, UnicornGo has chosen to forgo an initial coin offering. However, a bonus token presale is already underway and will be taking place until February 28, 2018. Interested individuals can familiarize themselves with the project by reading UnicornGo’s whitepaper.

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