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Finally, we can get a little peace and have a nice chat here in this fine corner of the free internet where we’re trying to make sense of what’s happened, what’s happening, and what might happen.

Metaphors our pens, and there couldn’t be a better one than we had clear blue sunshine but woke up the very next day to snow covered land.

That’s been much of winter. The most eventful winter in crypto’s history. So much packed in those months, books are not enough.

Now all that appears to have cleared with a new reality forming. Cryptos are not only here to stay, but according to a number of prominent jurisdictions, this booming industry is to be encouraged and promoted.

Soon, they’ll take it as a matter of pride. The American civil service already does and we all know they’re the ones that really rule.

The reason is simple. Reuters is more known for quick breaking news, but they have an interesting overview of efforts undertaken by the energy industry to implement blockchain technology.

“Bear in mind that there might be job losses in areas such as controlling, legal, IT and administration,” one industry participant comments.

We embrace such job losses. We actually can’t wait until a new world rises where such jobs lost are no longer jobs. For think what will be replaced, primarily the administrator, and what does an admin do?

Why an admin is a bot, typing the same thing, through the same process, pretty much mechanically, hour after hour and day after day.

They hate every second of it, for man is not a bot, man can think. What more therefore could such admin want than the ability to exercise judgment, to exercise their lateral thinking, perhaps in curation of information or whatever other function.

Because this space won’t eliminate jobs, it will upgrade them. That’s called increasing efficiency and increasing productivity and increasing all around well-being.

For we are sure everyone would want to work in an admin office rather than a chimney factory, just as we are sure everyone will want to have lateral thinking jobs rather than manbot jobs.

And just as those chimney factory jobs were far less in number than the office ones, so too here. For as complexity and efficiency increases, so does work to manage it.

The scientists call it entropy, and they tell us it is our chief enemy, but at the risk of delving into an area we know little of, they said the same of the apple biter.

“I have decided to take three zeros off the currency and remove from circulation the current banknotes and coins and put into circulation new ones from June 4,” Venezuela’s president said.

It don’t work like that. You can’t just take off zeros. You need new paper money. Better still, you need to not go on a printing rampage. Or even better, you need a people’s money with decentralized open rules on a blockchain.

We’ve ignored press releases for some time and for any new reader, what we’re going to do now is copy paste with little verification so do your own research.

Ah, you all familiar with localbitcoin? Well apparently they’re not keeping up and are being a bit too lazy in adding other coins. So now we have localethereum and even more recently we’re told there’s also localbitcoincash.

Our utterly genius solution is to have a localcrypto where, you know, you peer-to-peer trade all cryptos, but we’re obviously very stupid so you can keep enjoying localbalkanization.

TMX Group, a Canadian financial services company that operates market exchanges including the Toronto Stock Exchange, and Paycase Financial, a value network and trustware provider for decentralized financial services, announces the first ever public cryptocurrency brokerage desk by a major exchange.

The new brokerage service, Shorcan Digital Currency Network (Shorcan DCN), will first focus on bitcoin and ether. Full services will be available in Q2 2018.”

“We are thrilled about this partnership between Paycase Financial and the TMX. As the first ever public crypto brokerage desk by an exchange, this deal represents the true institutionalization of cryptocurrencies as an asset class,” Paycase Financial CEO and OECD Think Tank Special Advisor, Joseph Weinberg said.

A brokerage is someone that gives you a buying or selling price for an asset, like Coinbase. They used to sit in a desk so it’s a brokerage desk. The difference is of course that unlike an exchange where you trade peer to peer, you have a “desk” you go to and they say x buy or sell price, which is usually at a premium.

“ORCA Alliance is taking advantage of the European PSD2 directive. Following PSD2, numerous IT-based payment solutions will be able to provide alternative products and challenge the current banking ecosystem, switching from a B2C approach to a C2B one.

This new EU directive makes it compulsory for the banks to open their infrastructure and allow third party providers (TPPs) connectivity to client data via API systems…

ORCA – first, and for now, the only independent open banking platform that implements fiat and cryptocurrency assets in one place. It gives you possibility not just to keep and track your information but also make transactions, deposits, insurance and lease payments, and all other features, services that regular banks and other payment service providers are offering.”

Interesting. Open Banking is a big thing in Europe and especially in London. It basically forces banks to open their platforms so that others can provide their services.

London’s FCA, which has a mandate to ensure competition unlike most other regulators of the kind, has been pushing it, with it all quite a recent development so we’re starting to see the first projects taking advantage of the new capabilities.

“Bushnell Token is an ERC-20 security token that offers gamers and Atari fans a unique way to co-own and participate in the film from start to finish.

While the film has received offers from conventional and studio-sourced financing, Vision Tree has elected cryptocurrency funding to accelerate the film making path in a whole new way, offering Bushnell Token holders receiving pro rata earnings from the upcoming Atari movie.

Additionally, fans will vote on key decisions for the project including selection of the official trailer, select cast members and more.”

Wait, what, who is Atari? The game thing? They Social Network like movie now? Cute. When the crypto movie? And who gone play us? Who… most importantly… who gone play Vitalik? We say Timothée Chalamet. No clue who he is, nor do we think he can play with grass as artistically as Buterin.

“In the midst of user outrage against prevalent data collection, breaches, surveillance, algorithm manipulation and de-monetization frenzy surrounding Facebook, Minds social networks is ramping up to the launch of the first open-sourced social network built on the blockchain.

With over one-million active users worldwide today, Minds has the critical mass to actually pull it off and convert the current loyalty point system into a full blown crypto ecosystem. “Grand Opening” aka official launch will be on March 28th.”

Oops, this has embargo somewhere but of some tour. The above should be fine? Guis? Anyway, how did this Minds go off our radar? Should we cover it?

“The Celsius Network received over 10,000 downloads of their Android app in less than a week of being in the Google Play store. In addition, users said they had over $10m in cryptocurrencies they would like to use as collateral in order to receive a loan.

‘We’re not surprised by the demand for the app and the sort of services we plan to offer. The crypto community has been looking for a wallet where they can deposit their coins and borrow dollars against it. The banks want to continue to charge exorbitant rates for borrowing money so they can profit as much as possible. We believe there’s a better way, where we, as a community, can change the way people across the globe lend and borrow money,’ said CEO, Alex Mashinsky.”

Interesting. What, no other comment? Erm… it sounds… cool? That’s it? Well, it’s a crypto backed loaning thing, where you can loan your own crypto too. What, nothing of how it’s difficult to make borrowers pay and all that? Well, we haven’t looked at it, maybe they have some system.

“Substratum will fight censorship by providing a decentralized network for freedom across international barriers. By leveraging the power of the individual, anyone can participate or browse the internet. Substratum will put the power back into the hands of the people with what they want and don’t want to view.”

It’s a decentralized hosting system of sorts where you’re kind of the host but on here you can serve websites? Maybe, that’s what they say tho.

“One of the first blockchain-based systems powering commercial real estate (CRE) tokenization is announcing its Series A crowdsale.

Historically, CRE has been an attractive investment option only accessible to institutional investors, but Blocksquare opens the world of fractional ownership in real estate to anyone with an internet connection, so the financial barrier to entry for real estate ventures becomes almost non-existent. Blocksquare’s model allows brokerages to sell property to 100 buyers rather than just one, which enables deeper markets and improves liquidity as well as reduces risk for consumers.

The Blocksquare token, an Ethereum based utility token used to fuel the Blocksquare network, will be available for Series A public crowdsale.”

That has embargo too in there somewhere, but it was all this past Tuesday, so we’re clear? Anyway, just to be clear and very helpful, we always abide by embargos so don’t ask us if we will abide because we have no time to reply.

If it says embargoed, we will comply with it, so just send the thing because if you don’t we will forget as the bold thing turns into gray done for the day giving way to the other bold things coming tomorrow.

But hope you enjoyed the above because that’s pretty much it for this tablechat. We’ll be back with the blessing of grace, so until next time enjoy the sunshine.

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