Moonshot Week 7: Hirematch (HIRE)

Each week BTCManager and the JaketheCryptoKing are going to explore a new moonshot opportunity. We are in week seven of this moonshot experiment! Markets just suffered a major FUD attack providing the perfect opportunity for some moonshot shopping at discounted prices. The moonshot for the week beginning March 12; Hirematch (HIRE).

What is a Moonshot?

A moonshot is an altcoin that can truly “moon.” 200 to 300 percent returns are great but what about ten times your money in six months? These coins exist in the cryptocurrency marketplaces; they solely need to be found. Moonshots are very different than most coins as they are meant to be purchased and held. Moonshot principles are vastly different than those implemented by day traders and short-term holders. They are cryptocurrencies that you see their long-term value and expect returns of hundreds of percent.  

This week’s Moonshot is HIRE, currently they are priced under their ICO price, have major announcements regarding partnerships coming up, are presenting in front of industry leaders April 16, 2018, and have a token burn of HIRE. Each of these events will be individual catalysts that begin the HIRE price rise.

State of Crypto: March 10, 2018

The week beginning March 5 saw FUD at an unprecedented level. The SEC spoke further about upcoming regulations and what they mean for the cryptocurrency markets. The SEC has stated multiple times over they intend to get involved regulating crypto and this should not create panic. If individuals and institutions want scams to be filtered out, they have to respect the entrance of regulators into the space. Instead of boosting the price of cryptos the presence of regulators is interpreted as a negative when it should be the inverse. Further regulation in a space the operates like the Wild West is a good thing!

Rumors, rumors, rumors. SEC panic and rumors caused bitcoin (BTC) to drop from a high of over $11,500 on March 4, to under $8,400 on March 9. The second piece of FUD that came out this week impacting the markets dramatically was that Binance was allegedly hacked, or how their API keys are used. This was a rumor with Binance repeatedly stating that no funds were lost and that no issue has taken place. Even if the SEC news was brand new (which it is not) or if Binance was indeed hacked, the result of the crypto market cap falling from over $500 million to under $350 million in one week is absurd. The crypto markets are fickle, volatile, and overreact to the slightest change in sentiment. This was one of those overreactions, and the cryptos held during the rebound will increase exponentially in value.

Even with a steady stream of FUD, March is packed with major conferences (similarly to February) and the Chinese New Year having just concluded. The month of March should continue to provide many catalysts to boost both the price of bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency markets. Moonshots and altcoins are more susceptible to volatility in either direction making a bullish trend in our current rebound a very good buying opportunity.

From the end of January to the beginning of February BTC suffered one of its greatest corrections in history having fallen more than 70 percent since the all-time high of almost $20,000. BTC bottomed out at a low of just under $6,000. Since this moment of panic, BTC has rebounded nicely. This initial rebound generally precedes a bull run in the entire crypto markets. To take advantage of this bull run make sure to be holding past moonshots; DBC, TNC, DRGN, PRL, KCS, MTL, and now HIRE.


Hirematch: HIRE

Hirematch (HIRE) is a cryptocurrency that intends to be a utility token. The overwhelming majority of their volume is on HitBTC (be aware though there are deposit fees, as well as withdrawal fees, for this exchange). They are yet to be added to CoinMarketCap demonstrating how truly huge the opportunity is for this coin to “moon.”

HIRE provides huge moon potential for a number of reasons:

  1. The details regarding a partnership announcement with,
  2. An upcoming token burn,
  3. The founder’s presentation in front of industry leaders from, and,
  4. New exchange listings,
  5. An alpha version on the immediate horizon,
  6. The current state of the market and price of HIRE.  

The King was privileged to speak directly to one of the founders of HIRE, Armando Pantoja, who filled us in on some very important updates on HIRE’s horizon. These updates are expected to dramatically impact the short term and long term value and utility of HIRE. In the crypto space, utility equates to value. The highest gaining currencies of February all had one thing in common; during the month of February, their utilities increased dramatically.

HIRE through a plethora of different catalysts is about to ignite their engines to take them to the moon. Increasing the utility of HIRE from solely a tradable token to a utilizable asset is the first step. According to Armando, HIRE is about to announce the terms of a major partnership with the long speculated The details have not been announced formally providing the perfect opportunity to get behind a coin with partnering with real-world companies.

Pantoja is presenting on April 18, 2018, to the CEOs, top-level executives and many representatives of,, and in Las Vegas. If a second or third partnership is announced with another major recruitment platform looking for blockchain integration, expect a huge bump in the HIRE coin value. A presentation of this magnitude to industry leaders in the recruitment field will provide the publicity and networking HIRE requires to solidify itself as a long-term candidate for blockchain recruitment.

HIRE has important upcoming presentations and major announcements in the next few weeks. However, they also have a coin burn on the horizon without the specifics announced. The number of coins burned will decrease the supply of outstanding HIRE. Economics 101 states as supply decreases, price increases (as long as demand remains unchanged). If demand increases as supply decreases, you have the short-term mooning impact on the price; a massive pump.

The Price of HIRE is Getting Higher

HIRE has the potential of being the first successful entrant into the recruitment and freelance industry on the blockchain. This coupled with the reality they are about to announce real-world partners’ places HIRE in a unique spot for short term and long term price appreciation. Currently, they are available for a fraction of the ICO price. HIRE can be purchased 7,000 HIRE for 1 ETH when the original ICO price was 2,200 HIRE per 1 ETH. Their founder is presenting to the top-level management of,, and, in one month’s time. Finally, they are about to announce their plans for a major token burn of remaining HIRE.

March holds more catalysts than most individuals can count for a specific cryptocurrency. HIRE has planned; a token burn, partnerships with, future exchange listings, presentations at major conferences in front of industry leaders, fantastic post-ICO pricing for new buyers, and a market that just corrected providing a unique short term buying opportunity for a crypto that easily could be a long-term hold or short-term play.


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