Microsoft has blocked more than 400 000 attempts to hack in one day

Microsoft Defender Antivirus has blocked more than 400 000 attacks for 12 hours from Trojans that infect users' software computers for crypto currency mining. This was reported by Microsoft in its blog.

The study showed that almost before noon on 6 March, Windows Defender Antivirus detected complex Trojan viruses. They are new options for the Dofoil (or Smoke Loader) application. The viruses tried to implement crypto-currency mining software through "various processing methods and data storage mechanisms."

Microsoft described the nature of the new attacks

Most, or rather 73%, of these cases came from Russia, 18% from Turkey and 4% from Ukraine.

Dofoil uses a code injection technique that launches malicious software with crypto-currency software. They are disguised as a binary Windows file.

However, control of Windows Defender Antivirus detected trojans in the form of threats, because network traffic from this binary file wuauclt exe is suspicious, and also works from a different location.

Dofoil, which Microsoft describes as "The newest generation of malicious programs for the introduction of mining software", used the market of cryptographic applications NiceHash. It supports many currency units. Microsoft notes that the samples that they checked produced coins Electroneum.

Recently, cryptojacking has become even more common: more than 55% of companies worldwide have suffered from such cyber attacks attacks since January of the year 2018.

Earlier in February it was found that malware for the production of Monero infected about 7000 Android devices mainly in China and South Korea.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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