MailChimp To Follow The Traces Of Facebook And Twitter

MailChimp following Facebook and Twitter bans cryptocurrency ads

After Facebook and Twitter now MailChimp, the Automated marketing platform that allows its customers to send, schedule mass emailers for their advertisements or product promotion. MailChimp announced the ban on 30th March’ 18 on its website.

MailChimp announced that it cannot permit the businesses associated with the activities such as promoting, marketing, manufacturing, selling, transacting, storage, exchanging related to cryptocurrency, digital currency, virtual assets that are further related to Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). MailChimp will not support any such kind of activity from 30th March onwards.

Although the publications and journalists may circulate the pieces of information related to cryptocurrency provided they must not involve any kind of marketing, sale, exchange, storage, promotion of cryptocurrency.

When Futurism asked Mailchimp to clarify, how this policy is going to work, are they going to deactivate the account where there is promotion regarding ICO or Blockchain related businesses? In return the media got the following response:

“The exchange and promotion of cryptocurrency are often found to be related to ICO scams, phishing and frauds and this heads towards misleading the genuine business practices. It’s worthy to note that this update policy will not omit the discussions regarding the cryptocurrency topics through its platform, in the message sent.”

Customers Reaction

After knowing this news many customers cried out on Twitter.

One of the people tweeted “MailChimp is going to close the Ethereum Week account in four weeks for the reason that It hates Blockchain.”

One of the tweets was like, “MailChimp is blocking all the crypto and ICO related email campaigns reportedly. Censorship showed the true colors.”

In response, the company tweeted that all cryptocurrency ads are not restricted unless they involve any kind of sale, promotion, storage and exchange of cryptocurrency.

Follows Social Media Giants

Following the footsteps of social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, Mailchimp banned the cryptocurrency ads. This move has taken by Mailchimp as per their saying that they have seen a lot of cases of customer harm or potential that the consumer may be harmed in future that is why they have taken this precautionary step of banning cryptocurrency ads.

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