Lucyd Augmented Reality Smartglas Maker Inks Another Partnership Deal with SuperWorld AR Platform.

Lucyd is not relenting in its bid to be the world’s number one augmented reality smart glass manufacturer. The firm has established quite an array of partnerships so far. The latest partnership deal is with SuperWorld AR platform.

SuperWorld will now deploy its AR social apps on smartglasses manufactured by Lucyd.
Both firms would benefit immensely from the deal.

The Media Lead at Lucyd, Harrison Gross, said that:

“We are very excited to deliver their AR platform on Lucyd Lens. We believe SuperWorld has developed a great toolbox for the AR developer, to enable them to easily create and share AR worlds.”

The Co-founder of SuperWorld AR platform, Hrish Lotlikar, expressed his excitement and optimism over the partnership. He said:

“SuperWorld is proud to partner with the Lucyd AR smart glass and build our social AR platform on their premium hardware when it is available. We believe in the power of enabling users to create and personalize their own world in AR, and then share that world with their friends and followers.”

The Lucyd token generation event which ended on February 28, was a highly successful one. The Lucyd team succeeded in selling its 50,000,000 LCD tokens mapped out for the TGE.
With the TGE now done and dusted, Lucyd can now focus on other aspects of the project.

Lucyd in Brief

Lucyd was established in 2017 by its parent firm, Tekcapital Plc. Lucyd is determined to be the best in the AR smart glass manufacturing industry. The firm creates ergonomic smartglasses that have an inbuilt, decentralized app store. Lucyd’s smartglasses support numerous apps.

With Lucyd, creating, sharing and experiencing artificial reality content is a seamless and highly exciting process. For example, users can connect the glasses to their phones and all applications on their phones can be viewed from their glasses. Therefore they won’t need to look down anymore, they’d look up instead. To experience the power of Lucyd visit

About SuperWorld

SuperWorld is a social AR platform that makes it possible and easy for people and companies to customize and enhance the real world.
With the SuperWorld platform, users can build a visual experience that is quite unlimited.
Users can use the SuperWorld tools to personalize their augmented reality environment.

Photos, videos, 3D objects and other contents can be added and there’s also an extra benefit of being able to share these added contents with friends and other people. To experience the power of SuperWorld, visit

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